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9 - Buying Media & Sponsorships

Get ready to tap into the largest ad networks on the Internet. These networks handle BILLIONS of ad impressions every single day!
Find out how to have your ads running across some of the world’s most popular sites like CNN, Fox News, Weather Channel, ESPN, E Online, and tens of thousands of other high-traffic web sites across the Web.
You’ll learn techniques & methods for running all kinds of ads online - banners, buttons, text ads, sponsorships, interstitials, pre-roll video ads, and more! Reach more people in just ONE DAY than you could with a massive TV advertising campaign.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to identify and negotiate the best advertising buys… this secret comes directly from an ex-ad salesman.
  • ​ What are “Real-Time Bidding” (RTB) platforms, and how can you use them to drive lots of targeted traffic at prices you control? 
  • ​ Learn the most popular ad formats, styles, and creatives that you can use across multiple ad networks to drive steady streams of traffic exactly where you want.
  • ​ How to buy “Sponsorship” packages to drive laser-focused traffic to your site. 
  • ​ How to find the best performing media creatives in your market or industry so you can easily “borrow” their proven ideas for your own ads. 
  • ​ How to roll-out small tests on the Big Ad Networks and quickly “ramp up” to heavy amounts of traffic… (Get this right, and you can dramatically scale your business very quickly!) 

10 - Google Adwords Mastery

Learn how to master the world’s largest Pay-Per-Click search engine advertising system. Google generates more than $100 MILLION PER DAY with their AdWords platform.
Discover the ins & outs of how to create effective ads, proper bidding, and Google Adwords campaign management.
Also, learn how to earn a high “Quality Score” for your landing pages (and why it’s critical for traffic & profit maximization)... and many more tricks & techniques for the world’s largest keyword-driven ad system.
You can drive tons of laser-targeted traffic the moment you learn this one module.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ Learn step-by-step how to properly set up your account, and what you’ll need in order to do AdWords the right way.
  • ​ Crash Course: How to understand and manage your Conversion Goals, and use conversion data to make smart decisions on what to do next. 
  • ​ Learn proper bid strategy and when to go with default bids (so you don’t end up paying a penny more than you need to to get the traffic you want). 
  • ​ How to strategically utilize the different keyword match types (broad, phrase, exact, negative). 
  • ​ Using “negative keywords” and how it can be the difference in success or failure for an AdWords campaign. 
  • ​ Learn how to ’throttle’ your impressions for maximum results. 
  • ​ 5 Sales Copy “hacks” for writing ROCK-SOLID Adwords Ads that maximize clicks, lower costs, and improve conversions. 
  • ​ How to structure Ad Groups properly (So many marketers mess this up and it destroys their profit). 
  • ​ The science & nuances behind “dayparting” and how to run your ads only during times that produce the best conversions and highest ROI (Don’t make the mistake of running yours ads 24/7 or you’ll waste money). 

11 - Podcasts & Broadcasts

When it comes to podcasts, the opportunity for swarms of new listeners and followers can quickly transform a start-up online business into a thriving empire!
Podcasting allows you a different avenue to reach people who are interested in your topic, that you may not have been able to access through targeted ads or other organic traffic.
Drive lots of traffic with a pre-recorded “podcast” and also learn how to leverage cutting-edge LIVE media services (audio & video) to expand your business.
You’ll also learn how to tap into Apple’s massive iTunes Podcast Directory (accessible on every iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more!) as well as how-to have others create/run/manage your podcast or broadcasting efforts for you!

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to start your own podcast and use it as an ongoing traffic generation machine (This is an excellent source for attracting brand new leads & customers!).
  • ​ Discover how to ‘hack’ the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory and get your podcast ranking high for maximum visibility (which will bring you the most traffic). 
  • ​ How to OUTSOURCE the whole podcasting process, and get someone else to do it for you (They do all the work, and you get a steady flow of new traffic). 
  • ​ How to re-purpose your multimedia content that you already have and turn it into an episodic podcast!  
  • ​ Market your podcast properly, and you can have your podcast accessible on every iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac in the world… hundreds of millions of people that could become new customers for your business. 
  • ​ The easy, yet powerful way, to create “useful, but incomplete” multi-media that has visitors rushing to your site to opt-in for what was missing… and often buying your products as the solution. 

12 - Mobile App Marketing

Discover the MASSIVE (and highly lucrative) world of Mobile Apps, and how to tap into apps to drive traffic to your landing page or email list.
Billions of Mobile App ‘screens’ are viewed everyday (many several times per day, even!), and this is a powerful customer-ocean for you to use to gather opt-ins and leads, and grow your business.
Learn the ins & outs of App Store ranking secrets, as well as proven techniques for utilizing free (and paid) Mobile Apps to grow your email list or generate more buyers. You’ll also learn how to easily pay others to create apps for you.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ The quickest & easiest (and often the cheapest) way to find someone to make an App for you (It does NOT have to take months, or cost thousands of dollars to develop…).
  • ​ How to use FREE Mobile Apps to build a giant email list.  
  • ​ CASE STUDY: Over 300,000 opt-ins from one free iPhone app. 
  • ​ The secrets behind “ASO” (App Store Optimization) to get your apps to rank towards the top when people search an App Store for something. 
  • ​ How to create a free Mobile App to be an ‘extension’ of your content marketing strategy on the Web. 
  • ​ Why most marketers are overlooking “App Traffic Generation”...(and are unknowingly missing out on hundreds of thousands of targeted emails and leads…) 
  • ​ How to use a Mobile App for your business to boost your authority & credibility, and increase your conversions and profit.   

13 - Software & Widgets

Mobile Apps aren’t the only great ‘software’ resource for driving targeting traffic to your web site. You can also tap into Web-based services, desktop plug-ins, browser toolbars, and widgets.
You’ll learn how to attract new leads & customers for your business by tapping into the massive world of online software & services, as well as the Facebook App Platform.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ The almost INSTANT way to spec any software idea and post the project on freelance sites….(and in no time have 20 programmers bidding prices to develop it for you).   
  • ​ How to transform your “ideas” into lead-generating or profitable software...even if you know absolutely nothing about programming or coding! 
  • ​ How to use engagement-based apps (similar to FarmVille, Quizzes, and other things you’ve probably used before) that can grow virally to attract a TON of users that you can drive to any page you want…   
  • ​ Where to find an nearly UNLIMITED supply of software ideas for tools people want today. 

14 - Facebook Ads

Facebook’s Advertising platform is the most powerful in the world. 
Where else can you reach over 1.6 BILLION users (and growing) with such highly-targeted demographics and interests?
Facebook has become THE 1 place to buy traffic for savvy online marketers looking to drive large amounts of incredibly targeted traffic to into their sales funnels.
Discover critical secrets behind getting the most bang-for-your-buck with traffic that you buy from Facebook: How to create the right ads, target the best people who need your product or service, and scale your ad campaigns! 

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to track which ads are bringing you the most traffic and conversions, so you can identify the ad “WINNERS” that generate you the most leads and income. 
  • ​ 7 things you MUST know before you pay for a single ad on Facebook (if you want an ROI on your ad spend, that is…). 
  • ​ How to create correct “Custom Audiences” for your ad campaigns (Master this, and you’ll get laser-targeted traffic shooting through your funnel!)
  • ​ How to create ads by demographic groups to hone in your ideal Micro-Targeting audience to maximize your profit.
  • ​ The easiest way to ‘crowdsource’ which images you should use in your ads to increase your click-through rates. 
  • ​ Facebook retargeting secrets: (If you could only learn ONE thing from this entire course, this is what you’d want to learn). 
  • ​ How to use “Lookalike Audiences” to reach more people that are most likely to buy from you. 
  • ​ How to craft a Facebook Ad that not only gets maximum clicks, but also PRE-QUALIFIES your visitors for maximum conversions when they hit your landing page.  
  • ​ How to make intelligent decisions based on your Facebook Ad Reports...and “analyze & optimize” based on the DATA and NOT guessing.

15 - Traffic Retargeting

Ever notice that certain ads seem to “follow you” around the Internet as you jump from site to site?
RETARGETING ADS are an incredibly powerful way to continue driving traffic to your landing page (at a phenomenally low cost!)
Discover how to use the power of ‘retargeting’ to get your message in front of visitors that may have visited your site but left!
Use retargeting campaigns to get them to come back and turn them into hot leads & new cash-paying customers.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ Discover why delivering ads to people that have already visited your site can yield 3X-5X the return compared to targeting new audiences.
  • ​ 3 ways to EASILY increase your click-rates when using Retargeted Ads. 
  • ​ How to map out a “Retargeting Plan” and set up your conversion goals, ad budget, and other factors you’ll need to succeed. 
  • ​ How to run “Customer Only Offers” by running retargeting campaigns targeting your customers — and WHY this is so effective!   
  • ​ The 1 Retargeting mistake you want to avoid (that many entrepreneurs accidentally make).   
  • ​ Model my examples of great retargeting ads & ad copy - use these as templates for your own business! 

16 - International Opportunities

Some of the most profitable (and cheapest) untapped traffic online can be found in countries outside of the main ones that most people target.
Learn how to expand your traffic generation into other countries that is full of millions of people that would love to buy your products & services (You’ll also discover how to expand your marketing into other languages)!

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to take advantage of the untapped market of inexpensive traffic from non-primary English countries. Just because English isn’t their first language doesn’t mean they don’t speak English!
  • ​ Discover how to find new leads & customers in other countries that AREN’T being heavily marketed to...  
  • ​ Learn how to leverage thousands of cheap (or nearly free) international visitors to attract more targeted visitors from your ideal country-market. 
  • ​ 5 ways to easily “cash-in” on international opportunities…(and the quickest & easiest way to modify your marketing for other countries & languages). 
  • ​ The hidden goldmine most marketers MISS when targeting out-of-country traffic.  
  • ​ How to find cheap (but very reliable) language translation services and also find foreigners with online marketing experience that can help maximize your traffic and conversions from other countries. 

17 - Social Media Strategy

Social Media plays an important role in online marketing today. Learn which accounts your business absolutely needs, and how to leverage them to generate a large amount of fans, followers, and a targeted audience.
Discover how to create ‘viral’ campaigns that have the potential to reach millions of people, and how-to utilize social media to increase your overall traffic, SEO rankings, and content marketing.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ Several Facebook posting strategies you should use every week to help drive more streams of traffic to your landing page.
  • ​ How to use Twitter to automatically ‘announce’ new content that you’ve added to your Content Marketing efforts. 
  • ​ Learn all about Social Media “tags” and how to use them properly...(and what NOT to do with them). 
  • ​ Tricks for using your social media account “bio” pages & sections for SEO impact, cross-promotion, and maximum lead generation. 
  • ​ How to use Pinterest to start a ‘viral effect’ that can drive swarms of e-commerce buyers to your landing page EVERY DAY. 
  • ​ Why LinkedIn content-posting has become a very valuable source for lead generation (depending upon your market). 
  • ​ How to use Instagram to drive traffic to your landing page…(even if you don’t sell a product that can be displayed in a photo!) 
  • ​ How the social media “pros” PRE-SCHEDULE social media posts….so you can “set it and forget it” and your accounts will make posts even if you’re on vacation, sleeping, or stuck without access to the Internet. 

18 - Traffic Recycling

Ready to learn how you can turn a single visitor into 3…4…5…6… or more?
You can do it with a powerful concept called traffic recycling.
Discover how to leverage site visitors that never buy your products or generate any revenue into traffic-magnets that will generate more traffic that can produce leads & customers.
When implemented correctly, it MULTIPLIES your targeted traffic, without you having to do any extra work!

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to leverage prospects that never buy anything, and use them to bring you handfuls of EXTRA leads (and sales!)
  • ​ How to inter-connect social media accounts to create a cross-promotional powerhouse for traffic (and free up a LOT of your unwanted “tedious task” time in the process…).
  • ​ The easiest way to drive large amounts of people to any new Facebook Post, LinkedIn content, blog post, or anything you want an INSTANT BOOST for! 
  • ​ How to set-up your Traffic Recycling Engine that will work on auto-pilot to ‘cycle’ visitors to produce more visitors. 
  • ​ How to quickly AMPLIFY your Facebook likes, shares, and comments. More engagement will get more User Feed exposure (which brings you more traffic). 
  • ​ Turn your email subscribers into an army of traffic-boosters across your social media accounts by sending just ONE email. 

19 - Google SEO

What does it take to get those coveted TOP Google rankings that drive so much targeted traffic? 
In this module, you’ll learn the secret ‘formula’ that ranks pages in Google’s index and how to use it to get maximum exposure for your content and site pages.
Discover Pro-Level marketing techniques behind powerful “on-page” and “off-page” ranking factors and more!
Google’s ranking formula changes often, so you’ll need to learn how to stay up-to-date to keep your traffic flowing!

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ The KEY ‘influence factors’ for getting your web pages to ‘rank’ in Google’s index so you can build an ever-scaling flood of daily targeted traffic to your sales funnel.
  • ​ The truth about whether buying links is a smart strategy or quick way to get Google to penalize you. 
  • ​ 8 power link-building strategies you should be using to build a scalable incoming link network. 
  • ​ How to leverage the social media accounts you already have to ‘boost’ your Google page rankings. 
  • ​ Learn all about “On-Page” and “Off-Page” ranking elements, and which ones you need to focus the most time on. 
  • ​ How to look at the ‘Google Game’ like playing the lottery… and how to create thousands of lottery tickets for yourself to increase the your chance of ‘winning’ and getting more overall rankings & traffic (You’ll understand when we go over this lesson). 
  • ​ How to protect yourself against sheisty SEO attacks from competitors who “troll” and will try nasty things in attempt to hurt or take down your business! 
  • ​ The BEST tactics to get other people to give you a FREE link to your site… it’s a lot easier than you may think. 

20 - Building A Content Factory

They say “Content is KING!” for a reason.
It is responsible for TRILLIONS of web page views, and has the power to deliver enormous amounts of interested traffic right to your online doorstep.
In this module, you’ll learn what it takes to set-up a “Content Factory”, and how to have it pump out high-quality content consistently, so you can strategically attract a consistent (and reliable) flow of new leads & customers for your business.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​17 fantastic tools & resources you should be using for your content marketing strategy.  
  • ​ How to OUTSOURCE and build a team of the RIGHT content experts (writers, designers, etc…) to produce large amounts of high-quality content for you...for up to 80% less than traffic costs from paid campaigns. 
  • ​ How to monitor your market, and get them to open up tell you exactly what they want (so you have a solid list of what to publish next!). 
  • ​ How to analyze your Google Analytics data to know instantly what new content you should make (for strategic purposes), and what keywords target. 
  • ​ How to leverage User-Generated Content to create a steady flow of content that you don’t even have to make. 
  • ​ Learn how to find which pieces of content are driving you the MOST targeted traffic and leads, and turn one piece of content into a “Content Series” that explodes your traffic.  

21 - Content Curation Methods

One of the BEST ways to generate LOTS of new leads & customers to your business (without putting yourself through the “content grinder”) is by LEVERAGING OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT!
Not only is it perfectly’s encouraged!
This is a powerful way to supplement your own content marketing efforts, while having even more content and pages that can be indexed online so your audience can find you.
You’ll also learn how to go practically “hands off” with content creation and maintenance, and AUTOMATE adding new, quality content to your site that can attract new leads & customers to your business.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to ‘curate’ other people’s content and get tons of traffic from content you didn’t even make!
  • ​ 4 powerful ways to use other people’s YouTube videos to drive traffic to your site. 
  • ​ How to use infographics that someone else created to generate links & shares on Facebook. 
  • ​ How to strategically “curate” content related to the content you’re creating for your business — and how you can BOOST your exposure by having your content ethically ‘piggyback’ on someone else’s great content. 

22 - Youtube Marketing

Learn to use the most popular video website in the world to your advantage! More than 300 hours of new video are uploaded every second on YouTube!
Video Marketing is one of the most powerful methods for driving traffic to your website. Discover how to get videos to rank in YouTube, and how to reach massive new audiences.
Learn all the ins & outs of how tap into the BILLIONS of visits and views that YouTube gets every month. It’s a fantastic place to find an endless flow of new leads & customers for your business.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ The key to understanding YouTube’s ‘ranking’ formula, and how to get more exposure (and leads) from your videos.
  • ​ My best secrets to using ‘annotations’ with your videos to drive more traffic to your site. 
  • ​ The ‘art’ of creating powerful Calls-To-Action with your YouTube videos (Get them to like, subscribe, share, and opt-in for an offer…). 
  • ​ 7 ‘power strategies’ to get MORE people clicking on and watching your videos...(without having to do anything weird or crazy in your videos) 
  • ​ How to get your YouTube videos to show up inside Google rankings — (This is what separates people who get a TON of views on YouTube, from the people who will never be found). 
  • ​ How to ‘piggyback’ off other successful YouTube videos, to steer streams of traffic exactly where you want. 

23 - Expansion & Scalability

By this point you’ve learned hundreds of powerful ways to drive a flood of ongoing, highly-targeted traffic to any web site. But we’re not even close to done yet!
It’s time to learn some Pro-Level ‘expansion’ strategies that can take your traffic to an even higher level. These are concepts that most online marketers don’t even know about!

24 - The Master Plan

In this module, we’ll be PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER.
Get the Overall Master Plan that you should execute, as well as how to manage the day-to-day of (hopefully) your new server-busting high-traffic sales funnel!
We’ll also go over SCALING methods you need to be using for Profit Optimization, Traffic Growth, and more.

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13. Softwares & Widgets ($47 Value)
14. Facebook Ads ($247 Value)15. Traffic Retargeting ($147 Value)
16. International Opportunities ($97 Value)17. Social Media Strategy ($197 Value)
18. Traffic Recycling ($147 Value)
19. Google SEO ($197 Value)
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Let Me Show You ALL The Training You’ll Get Access To When You Get Traffic Secrets Today!

24 Content-Packed Modules

and 289 Lessons on Traffic Training!

1. The Foundation ($47 Value)
2. Market Discovery ($97 Value)3. Copywriting Secrets ($197 Value)
4. Keyword Science ($97 Value)
5. Email Marketing Tactics ($147 Value)
6. Borrowing Traffic ($147 Value)7. Shopping Engines & Amazon ($97 Value)
8. Traffic Formulas ($97 Value)
9. Buying Media & Sponsorships ($97 Value)
10. Google Adwords ($247 Value)
11. Podcasts & Broadcasts ($197 Value)
12. Mobile App Marketing ($197 Value)

13. Softwares & Widgets ($47 Value)
14. Facebook Ads ($247 Value)15. Traffic Retargeting ($147 Value)
16. International Opportunities ($97 Value)17. Social Media Strategy ($197 Value)
18. Traffic Recycling ($147 Value)
19. Google SEO ($197 Value)
20. Building A Content Factory ($97 Value)
21. Content Curation Methods ($97 Value)
22. YouTube Marketing ($197 Value)
23. Expansion & Scalability ($47 Value)
24. The Master Plan ($97 Value)

Total Value: $3,278

Get Your 12-Month Access To Traffic Secrets Now:

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When You Click On This Button, You Will Be Charged $297 And Given 12-Month Access To Traffic Secrets

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That’s why it’s so critical to have a clear, effective system in place when it comes to sending your target audience EXACTLY where you want.

Most Entrepreneurs don’t have a proven “Master Plan” when it comes to driving traffic.

Instead, they come up with their own “scattered” traffic plan, without knowing entirely what they’re doing:
A few FB ads here…
A few emails there...
A couple of random YouTube attempts…
The result? Scattered traffic.

BUT - As soon as you understand how to TURN ON your traffic flow, and send your audience through your sales funnel… have the ability to make as much
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1 - The Foundation

It’s critical to establish a solid foundation for generating a lot of highly-targeted traffic, tracking the traffic, and having the right tools in place to optimize & scale that traffic.
In this introductory portion of the course, get critical “building-blocks” questions answered, like:

  • ​ “Does branding actually matter”?
  • ​ “Should I be sacrificing early profits”? 
  • ​ “How critical are domain names”? 
  • ​ “How do I set up my target market correctly?”

This module acts as the “bedrock” for everything you’ll learn about ads, content, social media, and online you can maximize click-rates & conversions, while minimizing costs!

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to properly setup Google Analytics and why it’s critical to your overall success. Learn the ins & outs of how to use this powerful free tool.
  • ​ The power of Google Tag Manager, and how to use it the right way to make using multiple traffic tracking tools MUCH easier for you. 
  • ​ 14 traffic tools that every online marketer must be using if they want to have success (and scale profitable traffic) in 2016. 
  • ​ How to strategically structure your domain name to lower your traffic costs and increase your conversions.
  • ​ The 1 simple thing ALL of your traffic-getting efforts need to promote. Set this up on auto-pilot and watch it multiply your traffic, leads, and customers. 
  • ​ Our ANSWER to the highly-debated question: “Do I Brand My Company Or Not? 
  • ​ How to IMMEDIATELY start conveying Authority & Trust when people see your marketing….(even if you don’t have ANY years of experience, and you’re still “unknown” in your industry). Do this right from the beginning and get more traffic, customers, and sales.

2 - Market Discovery

Get ready to completely ’dissect’ your Target Market! This module will help you generate maximum traffic and sales from the most ideal prospects & customers for your business.
In this module, you will learn how to identify your market demographics and interests:

  • ​ What they like...
  • ​ What they’ve bought recently... 
  • ​ Who they follow… 
  • ​ What they have on their bookshelf... 
  • ​ Where they shop... 
  • ​ Etc…

The more you can pinpoint your customers-in-waiting, the lower your traffic costs will be.
This is a critical element that shouldn’t be overlooked! Most online marketers automatically THINK they understand their market...but rarely do they take the time to do the necessary market research.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ One of the most powerful tools in all of Digital Marketing (the online SURVEY!) and how to properly use it to quickly & easily receive GOLDEN DATA that will help you get more traffic & sales!
  • ​ How to figure out your Macro-Targeting and Micro-Targeting demographics, interests, and other target prospect factors. (Probably the most valuable thing you can learn.) 
  • ​ How to snag some easy, untapped SEO traffic. Use these tools to discover NEW up-and-coming keywords for your market before others do. No competition makes 1 Google rankings a breeze! (And fast too!) 
  • ​ A ‘sneaky trick’ to find out new products about to be sold to your market before that company even announces it (Killer way to find hot new product sellers for your own business).
  • ​ How to find the best suppliers for the top-selling products that your audience can’t get enough of in your market.  
  • ​ How to ethically “borrow” and monitor your top competitors’ most effective traffic-getting strategies. 
  • ​ 9 powerful ways to use Social Media ‘tag’ searches to find new ideal traffic sources, hot-selling products, and successful marketing campaigns (that you can funnel-hack). 

3 - Copywriting Secrets

In the world of driving traffic (and online marketing in general), your income is dependant on your ability to get customers to take a series of actions.
Can you get your audience to:

  • ​...CLICK on an ad?
  • ​ ...REGISTER for a webinar/presentation? 
  • ​ ...Give you their EMAIL address? 
  • ​ ...Consume your value/sales content? 
  • ​ ...Open up their wallet, and give you their credit card number?

With the RIGHT words throughout your sales funnel, you can create higher-performing ads, drive more (and better quality) traffic, create engagement, generate more sales, and start earning more income per customer.
So, how do you know the right words that will get your customer to take the EXACT action you want?

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to write an attention-grabbing ‘hook’ that makes your audience do a double-take…
  • ​ The 5 “Shortcuts” to high-converting ad & landing page copy (Why write from scratch, right?).
  • ​ How to ‘connect-the-dots’ using strategic words, and build a cohesive message all the way through your sales funnel: from Ad --> Landing Page -->Opt-in Form --> Follow-up --> Sales.  
  • ​ Use these proven “copy & paste” Ad headline formulas to lower your traffic click costs… (you’re welcome ;) ) 
  • ​ The 37 Power Words that you need to use as much as you can in anything you write for your Digital Marketing. 
  • ​ How to write “bullets” that pull people in like a tractor beam to produce more traffic, opt-ins, and customers.  
  • ​ Master all the major elements of effective copywriting… headlines, sub-headlines, pre-headlines, bullets, take-aways, risk reversal, and more! 
  • ​ How to apply your new copywriting skills to produce better VIDEOS that trigger more views, more shares, and attracts more leads & customers to your business. 

4 - Keyword Science

Keywords are a critical aspect of online marketing success.
When you master the science of keyword searches, you’ll know exactly:

  • ​How to phrase your ads and content,
  • ​What relevant content your audience is searching for, 
  • ​How to become the solution (in the sea of options) that they choose to CLICK on when they go searching for an answer to their problem…

This module answers ALL questions you have around effective keywords, such as:
What are people searching for in Google (and on other platforms) related to your product or service?
What keywords are your top competitors using?
What are the best untapped keyword phrases that are?

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​How to use the Google Keyword Tool and many ‘tricks’ most marketers don’t know to find little gems of profit-producing keywords that are often overlooked.
  • ​ 5 Fantastic tools & resources for helping you build a powerful keyword list for your business. 
  • ​ Discover what ‘negative keywords’ are and why they can help you turn losing campaigns into profitable ones. 
  • ​ How to prioritize and ‘rank’ a list of “POWER KEYWORDS” that generate the most volume, and produce the most sales for your business. 
  • ​ Why “long-tail” keywords are an under-the-radar approach to INSTANT high-converting traffic.  
  • ​ 7 types of keywords that people use when they have their credit cards in hand and they are ready to buy! 
  • ​ The stealthy way to “divert” traffic (and take advantage of it) from keywords that contain one of your competitors’ company or product names. 

5 - Email Marketing Tactics

Your email list is one of your most VALUABLE assets as an Entrepreneur.
Think about it…
At any given time, you can connect with your target market, and get your message read by a massive group of people.
If you have a new product…
If you have a sale happening...
If you have availability and need some new clients…
If you need to run a survey and figure out what your market wants...
...all it takes is the RIGHT form of email marketing and you have the power to draw new leads and sales any time you want.
In this module, you’ll learn one of the most powerful, and profitable email marketing methods in the world today...(and since our method is permission-based, your leads & customers actually want to hear from you!)
This one module alone would make for a valuable course by itself.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ 3 most popular (and proven) ‘giveaways’ to get people to run and give you their email address.
  • ​ How to automate email marketing follow-up to continuously drive traffic back to any web page you want. 
  • ​ How to leverage an email list to create Cash-on-Demand whenever you want to generate more sales for your business (The most valuable reason to have this incredible asset).
  • ​ The biggest “business-killing” mistakes marketers make when trying to use an email list to generate more leads & customers. 
  • ​ The proven “Email Rotation Schedule” that’s critical for keeping open rates and engagement high…(and keeps people from unsubscribing while maximizing the revenue you make per subscriber). 
  • ​ 5 ways to turn your email subscribers into loyal subscriber “recruiters” who go out and bring you more subscribers automatically. 
  • ​ The BEST times to send email to your list... (I’ll give you the breakdown of test results). 
  • ​ 7 little-known ‘tricks’ to instantly increase your opt-in rates in ANY market or niche… 

6 - Borrowing Traffic

Borrowing traffic is a GREAT way to access new customer bases with very little risk on your part.
You’ll learn how to get websites and landing pages all over the Internet to send you traffic that you don’t have to pay for until AFTER that traffic has converted into a sale!
What does that mean for you?
You only invest in the traffic that CONVERTS.
It’s an incredibly powerful, low-risk way to scale your business.
In this module, you’ll learn powerful secrets behind how to ‘borrow’ traffic from others through joint ventures and setting up affiliate programs.

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ The 1 most effective way to get new affiliates to promote your products and start sending you a lot of traffic.
  • ​ What ‘breakage’ is and why you’ll end up making way more money than what your commissions are scheduled to pay-out. 
  • ​ The fastest way to find any competitors’ affiliate partners so you can recruit them to join your program and send you traffic. 
  • ​ How to avoid FRAUD which, unfortunately, can happen a lot and absolutely cripple your Affiliate Program. 
  • ​ 3 ways to get your affiliates to grow your email list for you, and how you can use that list to make and keep 100% of your additional sales (And affiliates are okay with it). 
  • ​ How to orchestrate a “Product Launch” and create a massive amount of windfall capital for your business within a short period of time. 
  • ​ Why contests and “bragging rights” motivate affiliate partners to send you more and more traffic. 
  • ​ The single biggest mistake marketers make when trying to get new joint venture partners (Dumb mistake, but it happens everyday).

7 - Shopping Engines & Amazon

How do you quickly generate steady streams of new customers from “shopping engines” like Amazon or Etsy?
This module is packed with secrets for how to :

  • ​ Get your products listed in all of the shopping engines, 
  • ​ Drive a consistent flow of buyers straight to your listed products, 
  • ​ Purchase all the exposure that you need inside high-traffic shopping directories, 
  • ​ Generate visitors to your product sites for mere pennies per click!

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ How to get ecommerce products listed on tons of “shopping sites” that can send traffic directly to your online store on a CPC basis (Although some are FREE!)
  • ​ The business-multiplier strategy for using products to sell more of your non-ecommerce products & services in your business… 
  • ​ Why “Price Comparison” sites can send MILLIONS of clicks to online stores and can generate you a lot of revenue if you sell products suited for their directories.
  • ​ How to leverage Amazon Kindle E-books to generate to generate free opt-in leads for your business on autopilot! 
  • ​ How to leverage the massive traffic that is ALREADY on Amazon to sell more of your products…. 

8 - Traffic Formulas

This is perhaps the most valuable module in this entire course…
You will learn the driving theory behind the strategies being taught in this course.
There are 3 core ways to grow your business through traffic:
1. Increase Traffic Volume
2. Lower Your Cost Per Visitor
3. Raise Your Average Visitor Value
This module takes a look at the methodology and formulas that have been tested and proven to be MOST effective in achieving these 3 goals.  

 Here's some of what you'll learn in this module:

  • ​ The 8 most common “Marketer Mistakes” that can cripple the results you get from your traffic (many marketers have closed their doors because of these…)
  • ​ How to “mine” for traffic, and strike GOLD inside your individual campaigns (and the reason why I treat each campaign like a separate biz!) 
  • ​ The super-nerdy Traffic Secrets base formula that will drive your most critical business scaling decisions (including the numbers behind it, how to calculate it, and how to use it to optimize your funnel, and make your business grow)  
  • ​ Our process for spit-testing the RIGHT way so that you can get accurate data on what works best for your business (split-testing the “lazy” way can give you skewed data that will damage your profit and traffic costs).   
  • ​ The “10 (5)” Profit Growth Formula: Focus on “doable” incremental tweaks in just 5 specific areas of improvement in your funnels, and it will multiply your business!   

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