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Distribute Your Music To Over 90 Music Stores [including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc] Without Using An Agent, Marketer or Record label!

Global Music Distribution

Automatically get your music into over 90 stores in minutes.

Track Your Sales 

Stay up-to-date with your royalty earnings and projected sales

Cut Out The Middleman

Make money globally without using agents or record labels

Bond With Fans

increase your fan base and fan interaction all over the world 

A Global Opportunity To Earn Recurrent Income On Your Music

Take Control Of The Monetization Of Your Artistic Gifts.....

Everything You Need To Distribute Your Music Globally

Get Scheduled Payments From 100+ Music Platforms
In One Dashboard

Automatic revenue and royalty splits with collaborators

Easy Accounting For Your Music Sales 

Why MuzikDistro's  Pricing The Best In The Market...

Our distribution membership scheme is all about making it simpler for
 you to do what YOU do regardless of your current level as a music

Distribute music as often as you want without having to pay for each one of them upfront like the others. MuzikDistro believes it should be about the size of your catalog, not the size of your distribution expense.

Distribute your music without worrying about how you are going to find the listing distribution fees. Once you have created your account, you have an option to distribute unlimited songs without paying any listing fee in advance.  

Distribute your music without wondering if, when, how, and how often you can pay your collaborators. MuzikDistro will handle all the accounting for you and all your collaborators — for free..

Distribute your music with the assurance that all rights holders (including you and all your collaborators) will get paid accurately and on time, every single month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What outlets will my music appear in once I upload it to my MuzikDistro360 Account?

19. Deezer
20. Digicel d'Music
21. Digster
22. Dubset
23. Electric Jukebox
24. eMusic
25. Facebook
26. Fan Label
27. Forest Incentives
28. FreeCarmen/Trebel Music
29. FUHU Nabi 2
30. Gaana
31. Global Radio
32. Grandpad
33. iHeartRadio
34. iMusica
35. I Like Music/Mix Pixie
36. IVR
37. Jiosaavn
38. Juke
40. Klassik Radio
41. Kolbi
42. Kuack
43. La Musica SBS
44. La Poste Mobile
46. Mixcloud
47. Moviestar
49. Music 163
50. MusicJet
51. Napster
52. NEC
53. NetEase Cloud Music
54. Now Music A1/Mtel/Vip
55. Onkyo Music
56. Orange
57. Playster
58. Prizm
59. Roxi
60. Sirius XM Pandora
61. Slacker
62. Soundcloud Go
63. Soundtrack Your Brand
64. Spinlet
65. Spotify
66. TDC
67. Technics Tracks
68. Tencent QQ/Kugou/Kuwo/WeSing
69. Tesla
70. Tidal
71. Tonlist
72. TrackDrip
73. Transsnet Boomplay
74. Turkcell fizy
75. United Media Agency
76. Virgin Mobile
77. Viva
78. VKontakte Music
79. Vodafone
80. Yandex Music
81. Zvooq
82. Jaaba Musique
83. JB Hi-Fi Now
84. Line Music
85. Mjamsmusic
86. Music Nepal
87. Nada Kita
88. Samsung Music Hub
89. Amazon Music
90. Jaxsta
91. Qobuz
We put your music on over 90 most popular Music Streaming, Distribution and Sales Outlets simultaneously within a matter of hours including:1. 7 Digital
2. Akazoo
3. Alibaba Xiami
4. Alphabet Google Play Music
5. Anghami
6. Apple Music/Shazam
7. Audible Magic
8. Audiomack
9. AWA
10. BBM Shop
12. Beatport Beatsource
13. Bitel
14. ByteDance TikTok/Resso
15. Claro Musica
16. Coca-Cola
17. Contestone/Ringbacktone/Som De Chamada
18. Deedo

How Do You Handle Payment To Multiple Collaborators?

Every time you distribute a song through MuzikDistro, you have the ability to designate multiple payees for the revenue that song generates, along with the corresponding percentages each collaborator is owed. The first step to split royalties with songwriters, publishers, producers, or other collaborators is… account creation.
 If your collaborators don’t yet have accounts with MuzikDistro, we’ll get them set up and email them invites. 

How much would with it cost me to split music revenue with my collaborators?

The Revenue Share service is 100% FREE. we have NO fee for revenue splits; you can share royalties with one or one hundred people, and it won’t cost you a cent to get all those percentage splits set up correctly for every single song you release.
 At MuzikDistro, we’re experts at distribution, cover song licensing, AND rights management. Our accounting features work the way you need them to, and our system for revenue splits is perfect for today’s musician who releases a lot of music, collaborates with many different artists, and is serious about proper payments going to ALL rights holders.

How and when do I get paid my royalties or music sales?

You will get paid via PayPal, Stripe or Paystack. Your Revel account will be credited with royalties around the 15th of each month for the previous months earnings. We do not estimate royalty figures like many distribution companies do before they receive final royalties. We pay you when we receive the funds from the Outlets. 

Do I have to register with a collecting society to use this?

No. You just have to be in possession of the copyright of the songs. This means that you have created the works yourself, without having used texts, melodies or parts (samples) of other works, unless you have the licenses for commercial use. As a member of a collecting society you have to register all your works independently with your collecting society.

What do I need to sell my music on

You need a cover photo and the audio files in the MP3 OR WAV Format.
Your cover photo must be JPG file at 4000 x 4000 pixels.

Can I still edit my music release once it has been uploaded to MuzikDistro?

Yes, simply select the release you want to edit in your Dashboard, click edit, and change whatever you want to change. Hit save and your release will be updated with new information.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

Yes, for your convenience, logistics purposes, you must have a minimum of $20 in earned royalties or music sales to make a withdrawal from your account. 

Do you provide EAN, UPC, ISRC codes required to publish on all these music stores?

Yes, we provide these numbers for free for all artists and releases. If you  are bringing your catalog over to MuzikDistro you can also use the numbers provided from your previous distributor.

Can I upload cover songs?
And what if y music contains samples from other songs. Is that allowed?

Yes. You can upload cover songs as long as you have the rights from the artists/label to do so. As for the song sampling, If you own the rights to use the samples then yes that is cool, you can  proceed with distribution of your release with MuzikDistro. - an Mobisoft360 Product - All Rights Reserved @ 2019 - 20203568 Dodge Street. Omaha, NE 68131