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Let Us  Turn Your Presentations And Sermons Into Internationally Published Books With Our Do-It-For-You Book Publishing Service For Pastors, Preachers & Trainers

Our In-House Experts package and distribute your valuable content to your Clients and followers. We will do it faster, better and cheaper leaving you with lots of Profits.

A Big Solution for Pastors, Preachers, Evangelists, and ministers of Churches to promote their books, sermons, manuals and events online with speed and precision.

Lets Help you build amazing landing pages, create marketing funnels to sell your books and sermons, manage your social media handles for you with our DONE FOR DIGITAL PUBLISHING & MARKETING MANAGEMENT SERVICE.

Whether you looking to monetize your social media handles or create marketing successful marketing campaigns for your next book, sermon, event or convention, we know you value results and that's what we are professionals in producing. GOSPO BOOKS AGENCY, gives you all the access to the expertise you need to package, promote and profit from your books and materials. 

What We Do For You!

Digital Marketing & Promotional Strategy Development

It really doesn't matter if you have the most aggressive or the best team at your disposal, if you don't have the right plan, you won't get the right expected results. Online marketing is a science and you need a team with proofs and results to get you similar results.
With Gospo Agency, you get not just a team, but the right experts with proof of concept to provide you with the right strategy to maximize your money & time investment online.

Marketing Messaging assessment and revamping

People don't buy from you because you are the best at what you do, but because you communicate in a way that resonates with them and compels them to buy. The best marketers in the world know how to write messages that moves their prospective buyers and make them buy. 
We'll help you write your copy for your landing pages in a way that gets your ideal audience to bring out their cards and give you their money happily.

Social Media handle auditing, automation &  Monetization

A lot of Pastors and church leaders have a huge social media following but have no clue how to actually monetize those accounts to get their books and materials sold out faster. With Gospo agency you get access to our arsenal of social marketing strategy that has produced millions of dollars in sales.
With even a small social media following and the right marketing strategy and messaging you can sell out books and event tickets easily, with Gospo Publishing Agency you get access to the right team to make this happen.

Design of Professional Looking Book Covers & Promotional Materials

Believe it or not, people judge a book by it's cover and even though it's quite unfortunate, it means you must put the best effort into getting the most professionally looking cover you possible can for your books and resources. Let's help you avoid the frustrations that come with a crapy design.
Our team has experience creating covers for online and offline marketing purposes and you can be sure you will get the best bang for your buck. 

Sales & Marketing Landing page design & development

Gone are the days where you tried to use a random website to try and get people to buy your books and products. These random websites have been proven not to work. If you want to sell online, you must use landing pages and marketing funnels and they differ depending on what exactly you want to accomplish. 
We have used landing pages to sell millions of dollars of products online and we know what works. With Gospo Book Agency, you will get the right landing pages to generate leads and make sales.

Publication And Listing Of the Book On International Market

With Gospo Books Agency you'll be easily listed on Amazon and kindle and start earning passively from those platforms. All configurations and listing will be handled by us.

Backend Lead Follow-up Automation Design & Deployment

Only a little percentage of your prospects who either visit your landing and optin for your lead magnet will eventually buy your book, this is why follow-up is key. The best marketers know that the real profits are in the back-end and if you don't have a solid follow-up system to bring prospects back to your offer or remarket them, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. 
Let's help you set up a ninja follow-up system, that generates sales and new customers round the clock.

Customer Onboarding, Retention & Ascension System Setup

Many times customers buy our books or products but we never communicate with them again. This is one of the cardinal sins of marketing, because your best source of new sales and new business is your past customers and learning how to manage relationship with customers once they purchase from you, and creating a wow experience helps pave the way to get them to buy from you over and over again.
Let our team at Gospo Books Agency help you deploy a World Class Customer Onboarding System to give your customer the best post-purchase experience ever and ascend them up your value ladder by giving them opportunities to buy even more high value packages from you.

Online Omnipresence & Remarketing Campaign Implementation

Have you ever gone to a store and looked at some products and clicked and reviewed it and then you left that site and went somewhere else like facebook, but saw the product you were looking at still showing to you? That's the power of remarketing. With remarketing you can follow people who have engaged with your content in the past all over the internet, making you seem ommipresent. 
With the Gospo Book Agency, we setup a Deep Retargeting Systems that put your face in front of those who have engaged with your content everywhere they go making you look like a superstar and very very seirous.

Digital Book Marketing And Sales Management

This is a separate product on its own, but we are including it with this package to encourage you and support your ministry. We will handle the sales strategy, marketing and promotions for you on a 50/50 new sales sharing basis for the first 12 months. Thereafter we can renegotiate

We call this revolutionary Service

Your Gospo Books Agency

And this Is your ONLY opportunity to get MORE PROSPECTS, MORE SALES,& More Clients, Who Buy Your Books & Materials

Not selling your written books and other materials as fast as you want? 

Not making enough sales from your published books and materials online just means there's enough room for improvement for you.
Definitely you wouldn't want to keep sales stagnated at unprofitable points however many times as a Pastor you could get so caught up with taking care of the sheep that you have no time left to take care of business. As a result, most times you are forced to rely on volunteers to get these things done without even considering if they have the right skills to give you the kind of results you seek. With the Gospo Book Agency services you can put your very best digital marketing effort forward with the right strategy.
Because you are servant of the most high God, we want to give you the BEST start in your publishing business as possible… To give YOU the very best start you deserve.

So Why the Gospo Books Agency?

Because Every Minister of the Gospel  Deserves The Best Support Team And This Is Yours.
 So Take It! 

Your Ultimate Book Promotion Starter Kit Includes a Value of Over $14,963 Of Indispensable services For Your Business

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That’s not the aim of the game. Because I am serious about success.
And I AM serious about YOUR success. Especially with your brand new books and existing ones. So if me offering this steep discount helps you to succeed and the gospel to be more accessible by many, then we BOTH know it’s worth it. 

Why Use this Book Promotion & Marketing Service

So if You Want:

Sell Effortlessly, while you conserve your time & energy

Make More Profits with less hassle and stress

Get it Right the First time with our Expert Team

Enjoy Quick and Fast Turnaround Times

Invest more time in your ministry and assignment

Avoid the headache of dealing with the wrong team

Enjoy professional looking graphics and landing pages

Leave no stone unturned & no opportunity untapped

So, Grab Your Ultimate Promotion
Pack Below And 

Get Started Positioning Yourself and Books for Maximum Profits & Results without lifting a finger.

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