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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. We will give you 60% of all sales made with our system, while we keep only 40%. We provide you with all the Products; All the Marketing Funnels; All the Emails’; All the marketing graphics and resources but we give you 60% of all the sales made on your account.
You can also increase your percentage share to 75%, and get 10 complete-done-for-you-packages, instead of 3, by upgrading your membership to Platinum Associate. 

We wanted to give you a clear 10 days to test drive the franchise system and see if this is as good as I have said it is, and if it is for you. Once you have taken your time to check everything out and you will like to keep it beyond the $1 evaluation period, you'll be able to keep it for less than $2/day…It will cost you only $50 a month thereafter to keep it. For Platinum Associates, it costs only $99 a month… And you can cancel it at any time. There is No long term contract. No Questions asked. No Explanations needed.

We pay our franchise associates every 30 days. So if you made a sale on the 5th of Sept or referred anyone who became an associate member on the 5h of September, your sales commission and referral commissions will be paid on the 6th of October. The money will be deposited directly into your designated account in the membership area.

Yes! This is one of the major features that separates the NFS different from all the other systems out there who just want you to depend on them, month after month, while you become a perpetual follower instead of becoming a guru yourself. The NFS actually provides comprehensive training and coaching that allows you to create your own products and funnels so that you can become an independent marketer and guru in your own right.
One you get to that level of creating your own products and your own marketing funnels, (and with the superb training we have in the Vault, we expect you to do that in only a matter of week), we will gladly let you add your own products to our Netpreneur Network, so that you can promote and sell your own products, and also get other franchisees to help you promote it. We will also help you spotlight it in the Network, FOR FREE, in the first week of listing, as part of support for you, just to show we are proud of you!

The only thing we ask is that you cover the 1-time cost for setting up your system (Only a token $25). It takes my staff about 5 hours to help you get everything set up – Your Squeeze page, connected with your sales page, upsell pages; Configure your autoresponder to work properly with our system, and set up your follow-up emails properly for you in your autoresponder.

Then there is no problem. You simply cancel your license on our site directly or go to our LVIE CHAT center at and we will simply cancel your account and you will NOT be charged anything for the system. You still get to keep the bonuses worth over $297 that you would have downloaded before then.

Good question. I am glad you understand that you would at least have to do something otherwise how would you grow or even understand how you are making money. So, all we will need for you is to generate traffic to the ready-to-go systems we set up for you. We have comprehensive training on how you can generate traffic for free yourself and another option where you can simply order traffic from some of the specialists in the business that we have worked out a special deal with to help you get immediate traffic. You pay for the number of traffic you want and they will get it or you. That’s all. Everything else is automated. You only need to generate traffic (we have great training on ow you can generate free traffic on the site for you) or you buy it for immediate results (we have a great list of places and people to buy good from on the site)

You get complete access to the following:
1. You get 3 Complete Access to proven and highly converting Done-For-You Products, with 2 upsell products for each (includes Free Gift; Main Product; Upsell 1 AND Upsell 2 products).
2. You get 3 Complete professional Netpreneur Marketing Funnels to match the products ( includes your own personalized Squeeze pages; Sales Pages; Upsell Pages; Thank You Page and Membership areas for product downloads). You combine 1 and 2 to start making money immediately in the next 24-72 hours. 
3. You get access to comprehensive Netpreneur Incubator Vault (A collection of over 100 training videos, audios and transcripts on how to build your own internet marketing empire within a few weeks). 
4. Automatic Access to the exclusive Neptreneur Marketplace where you can list and sell your own products and get other franchise associates to help you market them 

YES. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE! Lots of people have done it as a matter of fact. The way the system is set up, you could POTENTIALLY start making money within 24-72hours because you will get access to complete proven-to-sell Products, highly converting marketing funnels that only need traffic from you to start generating sales (and we will show you several easy options on how you can easily get good traffic to your funnels). 
However, to be CLEAR, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. We cant legally guarantee that you would make money in 24-72 hours or that you would even make any money at all, since we don’t know if you will carry out our instructions to the letter, or if you will work as hard as many people who have made 100s of dollars within hours of joining. or even if you will do anything at all. 
All we guarantee you is that we will give you the best opportunity you will ever have to make money quickly online by giving you access to complete products and complete funnels and complete marketing materials that have made us and others hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last one year. One of the products you will have access to has already been sold by over 500 associates and sold over $550,000 in the last 10 months! 

ABSOLUTELY! The whole system is set up so that the subscribers will go DIRECT TO YOUR email list, in your OWN AUTORESPONDER. If you don’t have an autoresponder account before, we will give you links to go create one IN YOUR OWN NAME, WITH OYUR OWN RECORDS so that everybody that goes into your mailing list remain EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.

Great Question. The Netpreneur Franchise System was designed specifically for people just like you. Having to do all of that 'techie' stuff yourself, AT THE ONSET, IS USUALLLY WHAT MAKES 97% of the people fail. We know it takes time to learn all that is why we have provided you with the complete materials you will need from products, to marketing funnels, to autoresponders and the emails you will need to follow up with your subscribers. 
SO, you get tools to start making money immediately, while you take your time to use our training library to learn everything you will eventually need to become a guru in your own right. That’s why we call it the “EARN TO LEARN” SYSTEM.

Again, you can cancel your subscription at any time you choose. We have NO CONRACT and require NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENT from our franchisees. We actually want you to grow and graduate from the done-for-you-systems!. However, since we have already given you enough trial period to check it out, and since we would also have given you access to ALL our digital materials that costs us hundreds of thousands to put together, AND we would have provided you with some training and coaching for the month, we would not be able to refund you for the month already charged at the time you choose to cancel your membership. We would however cancel any recurring arrangements or memberships you have with us, so that you will no longer be billed in the future. We are however very confident that you would get so much more value from our franchise that you will stay with us until you have become a full-fledged guru in your own right and even ask us to market your products for you!

Dear Netpreneur, please note that while everything described on this page and the testimonials on this page are 100% true, they are NOT designed to serve as a guarantee of income that YOU would make. We don’t know YOU or how hard or seriously you would work our program. We don’t even know if you would even do anything with all the awesome materials we will be providing to you. So, the income projections and testimonials are designed to give you an idea of what's possible if you are dedicated to your own success and if you are willing to follow instructions, put in the effort, and grow as an entrepreneur.
Be sure to check out our full income disclaimer IN our Terms And Conditions’ below.

You can cancel at any time during your trial period, no questions asked.
You can also cancel at any time, again no questions asked, after the trial period has ended. However, because we would have given you access to all our products and resources that took us months and a lot of resources to put together, we can only cancel your account at your request after the trial period is over. 
You will not be entitled to any monthly fees you have paid before your cancellation date.

Netpreneur Franchise System is a Product of Netpreneur360 Inc. USA
3568 Dodge Street. Omaha, NE 68131. Tel: 402-208-0089

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Everything You Need to Build Your Own 6-Figure Online Business in the Next 90 Days Or Less For Only $1 Today

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...shows you how to make money online quickly in the next 24-72 hours, while also helping you develop the skills to build your own internet marketing empire for long term consistent income.

RE: All Internet Marketers

Dear Internet Marketer,

Introducing The Revolutionary Franchise SystemWith
The Quadratic Formula For Online Success 

To Make Money Online QUICKLY

While learning how to create a sustainable 6-figure internet business, with help from a proven system, and access to a trusted coach, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

The MOST important letter on how to start making money quickly online, while building a REAL sustainable6-figure online business, within a short period of time, because it gives you the secrets for earning while you learn...

Complete With A Proven Mentor And Coaching Program

Its provides you with the answers to the Quadratic Formula for creatinga sustainable and profitable online Success

I made my first $2,900 within 14 daysof getting my own franchise

I got my Netpreneur Franchise less about 2 weeks ago and I have already made over $2,900 dollars so far. This is by far the best internet marketing career decision I have ever made. What I liked most about the NFS is that apart from being able to make money quickly with the franchise, I was given access to an amazing collection of training tools to help me to improve my game as an internet marketer and start building a sustainable 6-figure business online in the next few months. The Coaching program attached to the whole package is pretty amazing too.

I only made my first $100 online
aftergetting the Netpreneur Franchise System! 

For more than 2 years, I was working very hard online trying to make money. Though everyone told me it was easy, I didn’t make a dime for more than 23 months until I got introduced to the NFS and made my 1st $100 in 48 hours. 
I was so thrilled when I finally got those first 2 deposits into my account. Now, in less than 3 weeks of getting the system, I have made over $980 while still under training and mentorship learning to create the different elements of my own online business.

The System helped me to make about $675
within my 1st 48 hours of getting the franchise...

I am obviously very happy with being able to quickly make money with this system within literally hours of signing up. However, what I like the most about it is the fact that I can finally nail down the core pillars of a successful online business that has eluded me for years. 
The training, tools and resources provided to help me grow as an internet marketer while I also earn money in the process, is invaluable. Thank you, Dr Ope for this life saving opportunity

Who Am I And Why I CanMake You This Huge Promise...

My name is Dr Ope Banwo and I am an expert in helping internet marketing newbies and struggling marketers achieve their dreams of making sustainable money online.
I've made multiple 6-figures with multiple stream of internet income in the last few months and helped 100s of other struggling marketers to finally achieving their financial dreams of building sustainable wealth online with several of my students now legitimately 6-figure income earners in less than 6 months of my mentorship

Helping Internet Newbies AndStruggling Veterans Succeed Is What I Do!

I have had, and still have, several successful products online. One of my products recently did over $430,000 in a few days. Again, I did over $120,000 with another follow up launch just a few weeks later.
The following is just a sample of some my online income and successful products I have making me money round the clock right now….  

The Quadratic Formula Is Everything You Need To 

Achieve Success Online BOTH in the Short TermAnd for the Long Term 

This System took me over 14 months to put together, and it is going to give you everything you need to master the internet money making process successfully!
It will allow you to get a quick win by making money over the next 24-72hours, while also providing you with the tools you need to grow as a profitable internet marketer and become a Master yourself within a few months. 
But before I break down everything in the Netpreneur Franchise System, let’s take a look at a fundamental issue that many internet marketers have to deal with….. 

The Problem with Most Internet Marketing Solutions and 

What Sets The Netpreneur Franchise SystemApart from The Others

Most systems that seek to help many internet newbies, or struggling veterans, break through the cycle of financial failure and frustration, do not take a wholistic approach to dealing with the twin problems that must be solved, before the aspiring internet marketer can be guaranteed a great chance at success.
Neither The “Give-Fish-To-Eat” Nor “Teach-To-Fish” Approach” To Money Making Is Good Enough To Guarantee Your Online Success!
 Essentially, most of the solutions out there can be grouped into 2 models 

There is the opportunity for immediate money option: The Done-For-You Profit Model which provides you with

Complete Done-For-You Products That You Can Immediately Use To Start Generating Money Online

While this solution may work if properly used, it does not give you the fundamental training and coaching you need to build a sustainable internet business for yourself, over the long haul, that is independent of the initial ‘emergency money solution’ program you signed up for.
In other words, this solution only gives you some expensive fish to eat right now, without teaching you how to fish yourself in the long term.  
This solution ties you to the apron strings of whatever guru was providing you with the Done-For-You Solutions forever. You must keep paying them to get access to their done for you solutions.
In effect, it turns you into a permanent follower, with no chance of ever becoming a guru in your own right. 

The second major type of internet money-making solutiongives you most of the training you need to become a

Well-Grounded Internet Marketer, Without Immediate Opportunity To Make Money And Recoup Your Investment.

In this second model, you must watch the training modules, take massive action over many weeks and months, to develop the structures the way they have been explained in the training, before you can start recording some real successes online. 
Many of these programs do not even include any hand-holding coaching or mentoring. You are basically left on your own to figure it out from the many training videos and books you have been give.
However as anyone who has ever tried to learn any business, particularly internet marketing business, would tell you, it takes a while before you can put all the money-making structures together for yourself, including niche selection, product creation, funnel creation, product launch, customer service set up, list building, traffic generation etc.  
Plus, after spent so much time, money and resources, to build the critical success pillars, you still need to develop the confidence and the online followership, and authority, to create consistent income on the internet from your own system. 

This second model basically teaches you how to fish for yourself, but does not give you any ready-made fish to eat while you are developing the fishing skills, which sometimes takes several months or years to complete.
Not surprisingly, most people often go broke, get burnt out, and frustrated while working and sweating for so many months to create their own money-making system, with no serious money coming in to oil their efforts.
After all, your bills, family and appetites cannot wait for months while you build your internet marketing empire from scratch.
That is why most of these programs often end up with a lot of frustrated and unfulfilled hopes by many people who had dreams of achieving their financial dreams online.
That in a nutshell is how most people end up as part of the 95%+ FAILURE RATE as internet marketers.

What If There Is Better, Way…?

Yes, there IS a better and I found it!

I found much better, and easier way, to ensure you achieve both your short term goal of making money quickly online, while also achieving the long term goal of becoming a legitimate guru in your own right.


The 4-In-1 ‘Earn As Your Learn’ Money Making System

That Gives You Fish To Eat While Also Helping You DevelopThe Skills To Fish For Yourself In The Internet Marketing Ocean

The Netpreneur Franchise System was created specifically to help you harness

The Power Of Both The Short-Term And Long-Term Approaches To Internet Marketing Success, While Eliminating The Disadvantages Of Both

With the NFS, you get the done for you tools, resources and products to start making money from day one. You also get a complete internet business training and certification to become a Master of the internet marketing game yourself within a few weeks. PLUS, you get the coaching/mentorship you need to achieve ultimate breakthrough
Now, You Can EARN BIG today, While You Learning at Your Own Pace to become a hugely successful internet marketer tomorrow.
In effect, the Netpreneur Franchise System gives you some very awesome done-for-your products, resources and toolkit you can you use right out of the box to start making money online, while also giving you the complete professional training and empowerment you need to fish for yourself in the long term.

And We Didn’t Just Stop There

The NFS also provides a superb hold-you-by-the-hand coaching that give you the mentoring and accountability you need to navigate through the different processes to maturity as a legitimate 6, or even 7-figure income, earning guru in your own right.

Here Are Some More Testimonials

From People Just Like You Who Got Results

I made $2,250 my very first month with the Netpreneur Franchise Program 

I was excited to get an immediate opportunity to start making money online right away, while getting the opportunity to take my time in learning the fundamental critical pillars, systems and setups I need to build a long-time business online. None of the programs I ever tried was able to give me the opportunity to make money right away with complete done-for-you products and funnels while also teaching me how to create my own complete business with the potential and help to grow it to a 6-figure business over the next 6 months. This is by far the MOST profitable decision I ever made online

I made over $3,200 in my first 13 daysas an NFS Associate!

Dr Ope's very clear step by step instructions made it VERY EASY for me to start making money immediately. I made over $3,200 in my first 13 days as an N.F.S Franchisee. Now in my second month, apart from the regular income i get from the franchise products, i have just built my own first product that will be launched at the end of this month

I have done $2,818.00 so far and I am stillin my second month

Not only did Dr Ope back up his claim to help me EARN immediately, while I LEARN the fundamentals of the internet business, he went beyond by giving me a one-on-one coaching call to help me put together my internet marketing game plan for the long term. I have done about $2,800 so far and I have not even finish my second month.

I was so thrilled when I got those first 
3 commission deposits into my account

I made my first $140 within 72 hours after joining the NFS. Though these are not huge amounts by many people's standards, I was so thrilled when I finally got those first 3 deposits into my account. Now i am learning the real foundations of internet marketing and looking forward to launching my own 6-figure product in a few weeks. 

This amazing program opened my eyes to make money while still learning the internet business

The NFS program was a game changer for me. I made about $1,750 my very first month with the Netpreneur Franchise Program despite never having made more than $200 in any month, in my last one and half years online. I cant thank Dr Ope and the creators of the Netpreneur Franchise system enough.

Listen, if you really want to achieve a breakthrough on the internet

You need to act on this now because every minute you wait is another minute of frustration, lack of money, fruitless hard labor, and increased danger of becoming part of the negative statistics of internet marketers who have failed, burnt out and given up on their dreams of financial independence.

9 out of 10 Internet Marketers FAIL!

According to the Digital Marketing Research Statistics, 9 out of 10 Internet Marketers without a proven-system fail to achieve their financial dreams. Why? Because without a proven SYSTEM you will keep slaving away without any tangible results to show for your efforts.

In Fact, Here's Just the Tip of The Iceberg of 

What The Netpreneur Franchise System Will Give You...

The Numbers Don't Lie!

If you can make quick money IMMEDIATELY to take care of your immediate needs, with enough left over to finance your continuing education and training as an internet marketer, your chances of hanging on and becoming a 6-Figure Income earning guru within a few months will go through the ROOF!

Imagine What the Netpreneur FranchiseSystem Can Do For You...

When you start making money online on call, without working or spending yourself to death, think about how good you will feel for finally breaking through the cycle of failure online

When you start making not just regular income, but residual income, as well building a sound internet business, think about how much fun and time you will have for yourself and your family

See yourself bragging to your family and friends who have been laughing at you, but now asking you for tips, about you finally got a breakthrough as an online marketer

So, Here's the Bottom Line. With
The Netpreneur Franchise System 

The Quadratic Formula for Making Immediate Money Online While Building 6-Figure Business in a matter of weeks 

What Is The Quadric Formula
For Internet Marketing Success?

This Is What You Get With The NFS:

Franchise License 3 Sets Of Complete
Plug-And-Play Money-Making Products

You get Franchise License to 3 SETS OF COMPLETE PLUG-AND-PLAY MONEY-MAKING PRODUCTS that you can deploy to start making money immediately on the internet in the next 24-72hours. You GET TO KEEP 60% of ALL sales (including ALL the upsells in each complete product package), while the franchise company keeps 40%.
What makes these product packages even more awesome is that EACH PRODUCT PACKAGE also comes with 3 different upsells included in its sales funnel. You will be getting ready-to-go products in the 3 sets of products. 
You can start making money with this in the next 24 hours by simply adding some traffic to the beginning of the funnel (the squeeze page), and start building your own mailing list. Under the generous franchise deal, you get to keep 60% of all sales the products included in the franchise page, while the franchise company only gets 40%

CompleteMarketing Funnels, Kits And Resources

You get the COMPLETE MARKETING FUNNELS, KITS AND RESOURCES including your own personalized Squeeze page to start building your own list that you own 100%; Sales Pages with at least 3 additional Upsell pages to promote; Complete follow up emails to use with your autoresponder; Promotional materials (Banners; tweets; solo ads, Social Posts etc.) to the complete resources and training toolkit to learn from the gurus;
These funnels have been designed by award winning funnel designers to maximize your sales with minimum effort. Some of these funnels converted at over 12% and some at over $60 EPC during the launches. So, you know these funnels have been battle tested to help you make easy money with your promotions. 

7-Pillars To 6-Figures Training Vault

You get complete access to the 7-PILLARS TO 6-FIGURES NETPRENEUR COACHING VAULT containing 100s of training videos, audio and pdf that will help you create your OWN 7-Pillar 6-Figure Internet business empire so that you don’t have to rely on me, or any other guru for the rest of your life.
With the comprehensive training included in the Vault, you will be able to learn and build OYUR OWN business empire over the next 90 days to 180 days, including selecting how to select a profitable niche; creating your own products; getting affiliates; launching your own products for massive income; generating traffic effortlessly etc. 

Weekly Live Group Coaching & Secret Mentoring Group

You get LIVE GROUP COACHING that you need to become a superstar internet marketer and scale up your online business to a sustainable 6 or 7 profitable business on the internet, within a few months.
This segment of your quadratic solution includes weekly LIVE Coaching by myself and other invited top-level marketers; Weekly Q and A; and Secret Mentoring group where you get access to us on a 24/7 basis to help you with any problems you may be having in transforming yourself into a guru 

Now, Its Your Turn To Step Out FromThe Shadows Into The Limelight Of Success!

This year alone, I have also helped 100s of other marketers finally achieve their financial dreams of building sustainable wealth online.
I have worked with many previously unknown marketers, who have burst into the limelight this year, topping leaderboards and launching jaw dropping products on the internet marketing scene this year alone
Several of my students gone on to become legitimate 6-figure income earners, with several of them doing 6-figure sales in their first week. Several of them are currently making more than $250,000 - $500,000 a year already. 
So, it is your time to shine. Its your time to start making all the money you deserve. Its your time to get the training, coaching and mentorship you need to start getting inbox messages from the big names in the industry asking you to promote their products. 

In short you get to Earn as You Learn to become a super marketer

Check It Out The Netpreneur Franchise System Out Now

You get access to EVERYTHING for THE 7-Day Trial.
Thereafter you only pay $99 each month get to keep everything in the franchise package and enjoy quick money-making experience combined with a long-term training and coaching to build a profitable internet business  

… And, Can Cancel At Any Time,No Questions Asked

Also, for your complete comfort, our franchise system does not lock you into any long-term contract, and you are free .
This means you get to check out what the Netpreneur Franchise System is all about for 7 days and then decide if this breakthrough program is for you or not. 
SO, you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to lose but a $1, even if this awesome program is not for you

This is an amazing offer for our 4-in-1 Learn As Your Earn System,

But Let Me Sweeten the Pot for You withThese Instant Bonuses for Acting Now...

Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe

The Shocking True Story Of How A Clueless Internet Newbie Overcame Obstacles To Establish A 6-Figure Income In less Than 12 Months

Lifetime Subscription
to the Fearless Netpreneur Magazine

This is the 1 industry focused magazine that give you...
[Real Value $197 a year] 

Digital Marketing Goldmines

Step By Step Blueprint Of 12 Different Businesses you Can Start In the Next 24 Hours With No Investment; No Experience And No Technical Skills
(Complete Training Package of Over 6 Hours Of Video, Audio and PDF Transcripts.)

Complete Access 
To Fearless Netpreneur Summit

This is a 3-day marathon Conference with Over 18 Hours Of Video Featuring 15 Of The Best In The Internet Marketing Business.

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of over $997... 

But They're Yours When You Act Now!

Take A Full 10 Days to Put Us to The Test for only $1 with Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

We are deliberately putting these entire package worth 100s of thousands of dollars in your hands for only $1 to give you opportunity to put our claims to the test at no financial risk to you at all.
If Netpreneur Franchise System doesn't show you how to make money online without any technical skills... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step get the foundational keys for sustainable online income... 
then you cancel it at anytime before the trial period is over and you even get to KEEP all the bonuses worth over $997 just for trying it out.