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The 1 GistHouse Masterclass Online.

A Complete Plan To Leveraging GistHouse As A Marketing Instrument To Make Sales And Accelerate Revenue Growth For Your Business…

I Will Help You Make Money While You Go Through Professional Training To Build Your Own Successful Online Business Using GistHouse.

Here are actual results from myself and a private circle of entrepreneurs who are using some strategies I’m about to share with you to unlock new streams of revenue for their businesses.

The questions running through your mind right now might be...
How was I able to close 60k in revenue within 3 months, and also generate a brand new $100,000 pipeline just from GistHouse conversations?

And how are these business owners (most of whom are new to GistHouse) able to quickly build a following and start new client conversations that are generating revenue for their business?

Read This Before Going ANY Further

My name is Dr Ope Banwo.

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Social audio is here to stay, and so is the opportunity that comes along with it: for creators, networking, expressing ideas, monetizing, connecting with new friends in an immersive virtual way, and so much more…Social audio just may be the next frontier for social media. Consumers with Zoom fatigue were first drawn to the audio-only concept while stuck at home during the pandemic, and the market for it has been booming ever since.Because of the social distancing protocols and lock-down, many businesses began to suffer due to the pause in networking activities.While I was searching for a way out, audio social medial popped up.It was the answer to the prayers.Immediately I joined the platform, I saw the huge potential GistHouse had for my business in terms of revenue generation.I got right to work.I quickly figured out how to create a group of engaged users and how to get them to join any room I create, all without a pre-planned schedule!I learned how to enter ANY room and add so much value that the members in the room asked ME for my services and not the other way around!These GistHouse conversations led directly to introductions, referrals, and yes - BUSINESS!In GistHouse I found a replacement for my networking itch, and I made sure I maximized my efforts.I’ve made real money using GistHouse…


If you’re just hearing about GistHouse for the first time, and want to know what the app is all about, here’s the gist… GistHouse is an audio gisting app that allows users from all over the world to engage in audio-based conversations on anything at any time.  GistHouse App brings innovative Solutions to major problems that have limited thepotential and maximization of the experience of content creators and platform users in theSocial Media Industry.People gather in various rooms to chat about different topics - including business!  Yes, your target market is on GistHouse...  And they are waiting to chat, connect with and do business with YOU! That’s right.  Your future customers are somewhere out there on GistHouse waiting with money in their hands. Money they will happily handover to you in exchange for whatever you are selling. There’s only one problem... a big one. You are not yet on GistHouse. And even if you are, you don’t know how to use GistHouse to connect with those customers who are looking to do business with you. If you don’t do something to change that right now… Like learning how to use GistHouse the right way… Those potential customers will move to your competitors. And by the time you’ve finally figured the whole GistHouse thing, it might be too late for you. All your potential customers would have become loyal fans of your competitors. And you’ll have to settle for the crumbs, or quit and go back to those old platforms -- which are saturated right now. Now, I don’t want that for you.  And that’s why I’ve recorded everything I know about GistHouse... Including the exact strategies and techniques I used to generate $60,000 in cash, $100,000 in pipeline revenue and more. Step by step...every twist and turn...I recorded it all in a series of videos which I’ll be happy to give to you today. The big question is: are you eager enough to do what it takes to get access to these videos?

Most People Don't Have The Slightest Clue On How To Make GistHouse Work.

Has Your GistHouse Experience Been Like This...

✅ As soon as you sign up, you don’t know how to navigate around. 🤷✅ You open the app to explore 🕵️, follow a club or two, and then realize that you don’t know the difference between a club and a room. You're overwhelmed and confused. What's the lingo?✅ You bounce around rooms and find one that's interesting, but you're disoriented because you entered mid-conversation. What is going on?! 😕 You spend 10 minutes trying to get up to speed.✅ You’ve heard that other people are using GistHouse to grow their business, but you don’t see how that's possible. Are they really generating revenue using this app? 🙈✅ You wish there was a simple process that showed you how to use GistHouse with your networking and sales efforts to grow your business. 💪

If any of the scenarios above has been your experience, welcome to the club!I just want to say that I totally relate to your experience. When you first get on Clubhouse, it's so confusing and overwhelming. It takes a lot of effort just to learn your way around.I’ve been there.I know how confusing and frustrating it can be.The good news is... 

Everything is Going to Change, As You Join:

GISThouse Masterclass

The GistHouse Masterclass is a private step by step video course where I explained the inner workings of GistHouse.The course contains several modules, and within each module, I reveal strategies that I and my inner circle members are using to make sales on GistHouse.This is the only Masterclass that gives you a detailed GistHouse strategy from start to finish and won’t waste your time with vanity metrics. The course gets right down to the point — your bottom line: Revenue. With this course in your hands, you’ll have an unfair advantage over thousands of entrepreneurs who are struggling to make sales using GistHouse. Haven’t joined GistHouse yet? Even better!  In the GistHouse Masterclass, we will show you the ropes, and you’ll have a nice head start when you sign up. You'll skip the tricky learning phase and save weeks of effort and stress.  Best of all, you won't waste your time. How does that sound?!   I've seen hundreds of our students join GistHouse and take off from the very start! And here’s the interesting thing: In the GistHouse Masterclass, we will show you the ropes, and you’ll have a nice head start when you sign up. You'll skip the awkward learning phase and save weeks of effort and stress.  Best of all, you won't waste your time.  How does that sound?!  I'm not blowing smoke, I've seen hundreds of our students join GistHouse and take off from the very start! And here’s the interesting thing:

You DON’T Need to Have a Massive Online Following to Get Results With the GistHouse Masterclass…

That’s right! Contrary to what you might be thinking, a large percentage of our students who have used the Clubhouse Masterclass to make good sales are regular business owners with no huge following on Clubhouse, LinkedIn or other social media platforms. In doubt?See things for yourself below…

So Many Business Owners Within the Clubhouse Masterclass Are Winning Big On Clubhouse. And Here’s What They Have to Say…

Here’s What You Will Get In the 3-Part Clubhouse Masterclass…

Part 1: Building a Foundation Okay... so what now?

First things first, you need to know your way around GistHouse.

In this module you'll:

*Understand your objective with GistHouse*Define the people you want to engage*Set expectations for the results you want with GistHouseWe take you on a tour of GistHouse to get the lay of the land.We show you how to connect with people, find rooms, clubs, and how to get started.You'll learn how to define and find your squad and we'll explain why this is important in the first place.We teach you how to leverage the power of your squad on GistHouse to boost your profile AND increase your business introductions and leads.You'll also define clear boundaries with GistHouse for your daily schedule and business.We don’t want you to spend ALL DAY on GistHouse; you have other things to do.Our GistHouse strategy cuts DOWN on the time needed to grow your business, not waste more of your time!.

Part 2: Getting Prepared I have no idea what to say or who to say it to.

Okay, you're in. Now WTH do you do? How can you avoid wasting your time?

In this module you'll:

*Prepare things to say and send in DMs*Optimize your Clubhouse profile*Keep track of your relationships and collabsPreparation is key. You don’t want to join a room, ask to speak, and then just “umm” and “ahhh” while everyone rolls their eyes.What a nightmare!We set you up for success by giving you templates and scripts of memorable things to say so you can introduce yourself, educate the room you’re in, AND close deals through DMs.Why do your Clubhouse profile, bio, name, and image matter?We show you who is looking at your profile, when, and how you can leverage the space you have to further educate your squad on your business offering.And as with all networking, The Fortune is in the Follow Up!This is where the rubber hits the road in terms of cutting down your lead time.You'll get scripts to send to people you connect with to keep the conversation going after the Clubhouse room ends.

Part 3: Starting to Experiment Wait, I have to lead my own room?

How do I combine Clubhouse with my LinkedIn networking?

In this module you'll:

*Understand how to be an engaged listener*Leverage LinkedIn for follow up and promo*Learn the types of rooms to create, and moderate as well as how to collaborateWe'll show you how to go from a listener on the sidelines to an active and engaged room member by adding massive value to everyone. You'll never be shy to speak in front of strangers because you're armed with active listening tools and  custom scripts.It’s REALLY HARD to think on your feet and follow up at the same time on Clubhouse. It’s important to be prepared so you can be fully present, still follow up, and close deals.Too many people are afraid to go on stage because they don't want to be put on the spot. Our students no longer feel caught off guard because we teach you to always be prepared with the right things to say, so you can be in the moment and WOW your audience.

And That’s Not All. If You Join the GistHouse Masterclass Right Now, You’ll Get the Following Resources For FREE…


Collaboration Dashboard.

It is crucial to stay organized. You'll quickly feel overwhelmed if you don't start out with a solid foundation. Organize your squad and keep track of topics, follow ups, and more.


One-Liner Scripts + Examples

We set you up for success by giving you a treasure trove of topics to speak about in any room, in any situation, so you'll never be caught off guard.


Instagram Direct Message Scripts + Examples

The fortune is in the follow up! And with GistHouse, you can follow up easily via Instagram.


GistHouse Profile Template + Examples

Your profile helps your followers understand who you are and what you're about. Expertly use the space you're given for maximum effect.


30 Second Elevator Pitch Template + Examples.

Always be prepared by memorizing a few versions of your elevator pitch to use depending on the room, situation, and product/service you're focusing on.


15 Second Intro Formula and Script + Examples

Keep your introduction punchy and memorable with this proven formula. See our examples and write some fun ones of your own! Authenticity is key.

In A Nutshell, Here’s Everything You’re Getting Inside The GistHouse Masterclass By Dr. Ope Banwo.

Video Training Module 1: Foundation
4 videos covering Objective, Squad, Expectation - VALUE $297
Video Training Module 2: Preparation4 videos covering One-liners, Profile, ROI Tracking - VALUE $297  Video Training Module 3: Experimentation4 videos covering Listening, Connecting, Moderating - VALUE $297


Get the GistHouse Masterclass by Dr. Ope Banwo today At a Massive Discount of $956!

Yes, really…you get to pay only $97 for this value-packed masterclass.
I guess you’re thinking: Why the heavy discount?
Here’s your answer.

I am literally giving away the Clubhouse Masterclass for next to free for two reasons:Giving you so much value at such an affordable rate is a way of putting my best foot forward. Perhaps you’ll love the value around here and feel happy to pay me big bucks for a more advanced program later in the future.I genuinely want to help as many business owners as I can to start taking advantage of Clubhouse to generate more revenue. More revenue = more money in your pockets...which means you’ll have enough to do big business with me in the future. Maybe?The reasons above may sound selfish, but here’s the bottom line:It's a win-win situation for you and I.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity of a Lifetime! It might seem like everyone is on GistHouse; but it's actually NO! Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the boat - YET! But you really have to act fast if not you’ll get left behind.Here’s what I mean.Think back to when the Facebook Ads platform launched years back.Pretty much anyone who knew how to set up the most basic ad campaign was cashing in big time.ROI was awesome, and business owners were acquiring “whale clients” for pennies on the dollar.But as more people joined, and awareness of the Facebook Ads platform grew, something dramatic started happening.Competition rose and the cost of acquiring leads shot up.These days, you have to spend a LOT of money to acquire leads that may end up not converting.Like that isn’t enough, right now, advertising rules are very stiff on the Facebook Ads platform. As a result, loads of advertisers are losing their accounts and going into financial oblivion.Now, IF you were among the lucky few advertisers who jumped in when the Facebook Ads platform was new, you would have made boat loads of money.On the flip side, maybe you missed out on the Facebook Ads gold rush. And if you did, well, that’s bad...

But with GistHouse, another opportunity has presented itself. Are you going to miss this too?You really DON’T want to.It’s not every year that a hot, new social media app hits the scene that can be leveraged to grow your business. 
Right now is the PERFECT time to join GistHouse. Your business will benefit when you join now and learn a lasting, proven strategy to grow your revenue.
And the best part?  IT’S LIVE, NOT RECORDED, AND AUDIO ONLY!  No worrying about being camera-ready.  No stress about an old post coming back in a few years to bite you in the butt. 
All you have to do is show up and speak up. In the GistHouse Masterclass, I will walk you through how to leverage your voice to close deals faster. Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you cut weeks (or months!) off your lead nurture time by using the power of GistHouse. 
All this without the need for annoying Zoom calls and scheduling conflicts. Get in on the ground floor right now or miss this golden opportunity that may never present itself for years to come.

Once Again, Here’s a List of All You’ll Get If You Say Yes to This Opportunity -- Right Now.

Video Training Module 1: Foundation 4 videos covering Objective, Squad, Expectation - VALUE $297  Video Training Module 2: Preparation4 videos covering One-liners, Profile, ROI Tracking - VALUE $297  Video Training Module 3: Experimentation4 videos covering Listening, Connecting, Moderating - VALUE $297  Bonus 1: Collaboration Dashboard - VALUE $27Bonus 2: One-Liner Scripts + Examples - VALUE $27 Bonus 3: Instagram Direct Message Scripts + Examples - VALUE $27 Bonus 4: GistHouse Profile Template + Examples - VALUE $27 Bonus 5: 30 Second Elevator Pitch Template + Examples - VALUE $27 Bonus 6: 15 Second Intro Formula and Script + Examples - VALUE $27 TOTAL VALUE: $1,053  TODAY’S PRICE: $97 ONLY!