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What's The 1 Way To Attract Sales & Affiliates?

The Answer is Simple.  Run An Affiliate Contest!

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Main Features & Benefits Of Using Run My Contest

Quite frequently, we get asked What's the best way to attract new affiliates?  
The top 1% of internet marketers all know the best way to do that is to run a contest! takes care of the details and you see the benefits and growth! 

Affiliates and networks can now monitor, track, and optimize contests in one convenient place!
What RMC Offers:
- Real-Time Contest Tracking
- Simple Easy Setup
- Boosts in Affiliate Sales Instantly
- Instant API Integration
- The ability to Set Your Limits with a click
- And… Viral Share Buttons for MAXIMUM Results!

Your Run My Contest account provides you with a main portal that displays your Current Running, Your Upcoming, and your Completed Contests. 
All your contests are reported in real-time.  That keeps affiliates engaged and checking daily to ensure they are on the top of that leaderboard…
With Viral share buttons, and affiliate sign up links, You will create an army of hungry, satisfied affiliates that are 100% focused on you and YOUR offer! 

Gone are the days of manually calculating contest leaderboards!
With we get you set up with 
real-time contest data that keeps affiliates engaged, and competitive, promoting and working hard for YOU!
If you’re out there in the offer space and aren’t running contests…
then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to explode your sales!

We have had clients increase their sale volume by 300%!!! ---Yes, you heard me, 300%! 

Boost Affiliate Sales INSTANTLY

300% Sales Increases

Our Premier Contest during our beta test was ran on Seven Figure Profit Code Via NexusOffers CPA network. 
Volume Prior To running the contest was around 48 sales a day on average. 
Once the contest was announced, The Volume of Sales TRIPLED. DAILY. This contest cost the advertiser 5K In contest Awards, but tripled his sales in 14 days. Results

Real-Time Contest Tracking

Using API Data Transfer, Track in REAL-TIME

Gone are the days of manually calculating contest leaderboards. 
With Run My Contest, you are integrated via API key to tabulate super accurate, real time contest data that keeps your affiliates engaged, and promoting their hardest. 
If you're in the offer space, whatsoever, and aren't running launch contests, or even bonus contests, you're missing out. 
Our data shows a 300% increase in volume of sales when a contest is running to our network of affiliates. 
The BEST PART? Run My Contest does all the calculations in real time, so you don't have to. 
It's a win-win for everyone. Your affiliates have a branded contest URL they can check on daily, and your AM's can just include a link to the real time contest data and results within your Network Newsletters. 
It' really is as easy as that. 

Set Your Limits

Easy, Simple, Setup

With Run My Contest, You can set up an incredible sales contest, click contest, speed contest, or any combination of those and more, with a few clicks of a mouse.
No more having to build a page, pay a contractor to do shoddy design work, or having to manually calculate what your payouts will be and for how many places... 
It's literally as easy as answering a few questions, inputting your product ID from JVZoo, Cake, or Clickbank, Time zone, telling RMC how many spots to pay, how much to pay, and how long your contest will run. 
It spits out an amazing portal page, with featured contests that you pick, and individual contest pages, complete with affiliate signup links, and viral share buttons so you MAXIMIZE your contest, to increase conversions and new affiliates. 

Set Your Limits

Minimum Sales, Dates, Positions Paid, Everything! You're In Control

With Our EASY SIMPLE Setup, You pick how much you'd like to pay out, The beginning and end dates, Team integration, and sale minimums to qualify for a prize amount!
That Means YOU Have absolute control over every aspect of your contest! Never Before has it been this easy to run a contest of your own! 

Set Your Limits

Instant API Integration

If you're running any type of launch, or you're a network looking to increase sales, You'll find it easier than 1.2.3. to get your contest going. 
Pick your offer ID, Name the contest, and off you go. 
RMC provides real time reporting to your affiliates for your contests. 
Team calculations are also built in for simple reporting. 
You can have it any easier than this. 
Current Integrations: Cake, JvZoo, ClickBank. 
Future Integrations: Hitpath, HasOffers, Clicksure

Viral Share Buttons

Let Your Contest Go VIRAL

We've programmed direct viral share buttons for facebook on your RMC Portal Page AND on your individual contest pages. 
With the popularity of social media, many publishers and affiliates run in the same circle... 
They like nothing more than to show their results to their colleagues! RMC DOES THAT. 
With the click of a button, your contest can go viral in the marketing community! 

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