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'Get Your PVC' Challenge

Join The National Movement To Mobilize All Nigerians To Register And Get Their Voters Cards

Join and Move With Other Patriotic Nigerians, Local and Diaspora, to empower millions of people all over Nigeria to register and obtain their voters card before next elections

Summary Of What 'PVC For All' Movement Is About:

Join 'GET YOUR PVC' movement to involve more people, to obtain the ultimate power to make meaningful change in society .

What Nigerians All Over The World Are Saying About The Need For Massive Voters Registration All Over The Country


I am officially tired of just talking about problems of Nigeria, and believe its time to take all legal actions required to end bad govt in Nigeria. I am excited to join the coalition movement of Nigerians, at home and abroad, who are resolved to taking positive LEGAL STEPS to end the season of bad governance in Nigeria

-Destiny Kingston

dr ope banwo

Things have always remained the same in Nigeria because concerned Nigerian people, locally and in Diaspora, did not resolve to take positive action to pursue the change they would like to see. I formed the Naija Lives Matter  organization because i fervently believe that talk alone will not bring about positive change. We must come together and force issues by exploring all LEGAL options for bringing about positive transformation in our country

-Dr Ope Banwo


The Nigerian Diaspora Community Must be fully involved in the Registration and voting process this time. Any 2023 elections in Nigeria that exclude the Diaspora community is a big scam. The Diaspora represents a huge chunk of contributors to the economy of Nigeria, and it is a big injustice to disenfranchise them just because they live abroad. If the Nigerian Embassies abroad can issue Passports, then they can certainly register the diaspora for voters cards and conduct elections.


Join NAIJA LIVES MATTER NOW and Move With Other Patriotic Nigerians, Local and Diaspora, to mobilize voters to end bad govt in Nigeria once and for all.

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