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'1 Adult 1 PVC' Challenge

Join The National Movement To Mobilize All Nigerians To Register And Get Their Voters Cards

Join and Move With Other Patriotic Nigerians, Local and Diaspora, to empower millions of people all over Nigeria to register and obtain their voters card before next elections

Summary Of What 'PVC For All' Movement Is About:

Join '1 Adult, 1 PVC' movement to involve more people, especially the urban populations of people from 20-60 year olds to obtain the ultimate power to make meaningful change in society .

What Nigerians All Over The World Are Saying About Getting Massive Voters Registration All Over The Country


I am officially tired of just talking about problems of Nigeria, and believe its time to take all legal actions required to end bad govt in Nigeria. I am excited to join the coalition movement of Nigerians, at home and abroad, who are resolved to taking positive LEGAL STEPS to end the season of bad governance in Nigeria

-Destiny Kingston

dr ope banwo

Things have always remained the same in Nigeria because concerned Nigerian people, locally and in Diaspora, did not resolve to take positive action to pursue the change they would like to see. I formed the Naija Lives Matter  organization because i fervently believe that talk alone will not bring about positive change. We must come together and force issues by exploring all LEGAL options for bringing about positive transformation in our country

-Dr Ope Banwo


The Nigerian Diaspora Community Must be fully involved in the Registration and voting process this time. Any 2023 elections in Nigeria that excludes the Diaspora community is a big scam. The Diaspora represent a huge chunk of contributors to the economy of Nigeria, and it is a big injustice to disenfranchise them just because they live abroad. If the Nigerian Embassies abroad can issue Passports, then they can certainly register the diaspora for voters cards and conduct elections.


Chukwudi Analo

It is time to arise as compatriots and obey Nigeria’s call to action. Our nation is continually torn apart by a few, but it is time to change the narrative and build the nation we desire. Where the son of a nobody can rise to become somebody without knowing nobody. Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve..

-Chukwudi Analo


I am tired of the status quo. I think it’s go time. I decided to be a part of THIS ENDS NOW because I believe in being solution oriented and this movement is headed in that direction. This is one of the platforms I can play my small role as a Nigerian

-Beautiful Flower

U.M. Adim

I think a lot of people and Organizations have been too focused on just talking about the problems of Nigeria for a very long time. As someone who is very passionate about being part of the drivers of change in this Country, It feels like a breath of fresh air to finally see an Organization that is so committed to taking legal, decisive and solution-driven steps to end bad governance in Nigeria. ThisEndsNow is the Movement and I am too excited to be part of it.

-U.M. Adim

Kunmi Salaam

Until now I have been in my apolitical bubble, trying to take care of my little corner of the world the best I can. From boardrooms to open bars Nigeria’s self inflicted problems are been discussing ceaselessly. It is frustrating and tired-some sitting on the fence; analyzing and complaining about Nigeria in her abysmal state as time passes. I joined ThisEndsNow cause I needed to act. ThisEndsNow has created a social political platform that is inclusive, allow change/solution minded Nigerians home and aboard to connect and collaborate resources in our pursuit of a collective dream; a sustainable, progressive and safe Nigeria

-Kunmi Salaam

ken iloka

“For decades Nigerians have suffered from the disastrous effects of poor leadership and bad governance from those elected to serve them. Nigerians are frustrated with the state of the nation so it is time to turn those frustrations into action. The time is now to stand up and be counted. I am tired of just talking about the issues, I am excited to be joining a movement that is built on taking action to build a better country for all.”

-Ken Iloka

rabiha alagabi

“It is time we as Nigerians at home and in the diaspora stand up for ourselves. We are all victims of injustice, knowing that we deserve better is why we will DEMAND better. I joined This Ends Now to put all the talking I’ve been doing into action. Now is our time and we won’t wait any longer.

-Rabiha Alagabi

Olatunde, Victor Adeoluwa

“I was born into real time poverty, my father, a best graduating student of linguistics in his time, got no job. Extreme Problems have always been part of Nigeria, and it must end. Yes, we survived, today I’m an employer, solving Nigerians’ problems, but that is just a little drop in the ocean. It’s time to build a mass of wealth creators, and not just hold a position as poverty headquarters. 
I joined “This Ends Now” movement, to be a part the change Nigeria Needs, and create lasting legacy for the next generation

-Olatunde, Victor Adeoluwa

Olanrewaju Yusuf

“I have an educational background around solving societal issues, in that my passion and knowledge cannot be contested. I have an interest in looking into sociopolitical issues in Nigeria because the Nigerian people have been socially excluded from being involved in their societal affairs hence this birthed & yielded poverty that germinates insecurities which is eminent in our society today. 
I shouldn’t be looking away rather be amongst those that finds a lasting solution to the anomalies by holding our political actors accountable as we’re collectively telling them endthisnow

-Olanrewaju Yusuf

julius adavize

“Having engaged in the security sector discipline for about a decade; my dream for for peace and security in Nigeria cannot be overstated. We cannot be secure if we don’t invest in good governance. People’s participation is the essence of good governance. This cannot be imposed nor imported rather shaped by the socio-political action from the people. It is on this note, I deemed it fit to join ThisEndsNow; and urge you all out there to partake in this movement.

-Julius Adavize

Join THIS ENDS NOW and Move With Other Patriotic Nigerians, Local and Diaspora, to bring an end to bad governance in Nigeria.

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