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I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses while making a massive difference in my business by creating and selling profitable online courses

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer worth over $3,500 of training for a very low investment.This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute.

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Turn Your Passion, Expertise Or Interest Into A Wildly Profitable Online Course  In 60 Days Or Less [Even If No One Has Ever Heard Of You]

 I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses while making a massive difference in my business by creating and selling profitable online courses

Here's a Breakdown Of The Entire Passion To Income Formula Course Curriculum:

Passion To Income Formula [P2I Formula]  is an 8-week proven specific step by step system used by hundreds of successful entrepreneurs to build profitable online courses that is based on their Expertise, Knowledge or Interests. The program consists of 8 Weeks of Practical Step-by-Step implementation webclasses  that put you on your way to create a successful online course from your experise, knowledge and interests you are pasisonate about and which the world would like to learn about. In each weekly class, you will learn one important aspect of building a successful online course and by the end of the class, and you will get a simple practical homework to help you lock down that section of turning your expert knowledge into a profitable online course.From past results, Each homework should take you about 2 to 4 hours to complete during the week and by the end of the 8-week class, you will have completed and launched your own successful online business based on you passion and expert knowledge.. By following the 8 steps in the P2I Formula, you will be able to:

  • ​ Create the right course that is aligned with your Passion, Expertise, lifestyle, and which meets your customer demands.You would have have created a course your customers would want to invest in on a daily basis
  • ​Bonus 2: Netpreneur Summit Bundle ($497 Value)

    Learn From The Masters Of The Game How To Monetize Your Course On The Internet Without Fear And Maximize Your Brand, Sales And Profits!
    Over 15 Hours of LIVE Webclass Training from some of the most successful online marketers. Our Trainers at the Netpreneur Summit are not just Masters Of The Game, they actually invented how theparts of the Game is Played in many of the digital Marketing Niches! You get not just the video training, but also the audio series as well!

  • ​Put together your complete course content and membership area to deliver the course content to on auto-pilot to your customers without you having to work your butts off or do repeated training every week .
  • ​ Put together your complete marketing funnel to effortlessly sell your course to ready customers, and generating for extra recurring income for years to come, by following our click by click training, and using easy to use technology that anyone can use. If you can use MS-Word, you are more than qualified to put together your marketing funnel in less than a day.
  • ​ Get the most influential people in your target market to help you promote your course and refer clients to you on a regular basis
  • ​Launch your course for Maximum profits for the first time using the resoruces, lists and connections of affilaites and 3rd parties
  • ​Create recurrent multiple streams of income for years to come, from one online course with little or no extra work

Component 1: The 7 Steps to Create and  Sell Your Online Course ($997 Value)

Week 1: The Winning Mindset For Turning Your Ideas, Knowledge and Passion to profitable business

  • ​   You will Learn what it takes to successfully turn your passion for a successful online course
  • ​What The Passion To Income Formula is actually worth?

    ​Imagine you finally have the power to share your knowledge and message with hundreds of thousands of people. You are able to build your tribe while helping them live a better life.You have the right tools, resources and technologies all ready in your business to play at the world class levelYou are positioned as the Go To Expert in your field You have highly qualified clients who contact you to work with you personally, because they have studied your content online. They know, like and trust you. More importantly you have the power to choose whether or not you are interested to work with any specific clients.You have location, time and financial freedom because your income is generated through your online courses.You can be wherever you want, do whatever you wish while your online courses are educating your customers and generating passive income for you.The real value of Ultimate Course Formula is in the world of opportunities that open up to you when you learn how to create and sell profitable in-demand online courses by following a step by step system that will get you results.The success at your finger tips is only limited by the power of your imagination.Online courses are one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can add to your business.

  • ​    You will learn the 12 Commandments Of Digital Marketing that critical to your new business and how to apply them for maximum profits
  • ​    Discover how to prioritize your online courses to make the biggest impact in other people's lives while growing your business successfully

Week 2: Selecting The Right Niche In Your Field Of Knowledge And Expertise To Focus Your Course On 

  • ​    Not everybody Interested in your subject matter is a good customer. Learn to understand the best customers to target
  • ​    Start to build connections with influential people in your industry
  • ​    Build the list of your beta users to participate in the course

Week 3: Execute The 7-Step Strategy To Plan The Course Content And Structure Your Customers Would Love To Buy

  • ​    Plan your content structure with your customers' feedback
  • ​    Create different levels of packages to help customers achieve results and at the same time have a variety of low priced offers to premium priced packages
  • ​      Put together your first course offer before recording the content to make sure your customers are willing to invest in your newly built packages
  • ​  Recruit your beta users (also known as Launch Group Users) to generate initial income as well as proving your course concept

Week 4: Learn How Create Your Course Content Presentations And Get It All Recorded it In 10 Days  Or Less

  • ​    Start recording your content with your beta user group. You can plan to record only one piece of content per week or every other week ,or record your content more quickly if you wish
  • ​    Get feedback on your content from your beta users and improve the training as you go if needed
  • ​    Continue building relationship with influential people in the market and get their feedback on your courses

Week 5: Create The Marketing & Sales Funnel For Your Course And Test It Live

  • ​Build your membership platform in minutes by following P2I Formula step by step training And Upload All Your Content to your site 
  • ​Use simple Drag and drop your videos, PowerPoints, audio files and documents as you build your content with no technical issues or skills needed.
  • ​Use P2I Formula pre-written sales page and landing page templates to build your sales funnel without stress
  • ​Prepare your promotional emails by using P2I Formula's tested email series to invite people to your landing pages and sales pages
  • ​Setup your payment system to get paid online when you launch your program publicly

Week 6: Turning Your Course Into A Multiple Streams Of Income Business

  • ​ Create Your first eBook and turn yourslef into an instant authority even if no one has ever heard of you before
  • ​ Create Different Versions Of the same course in Transcript, Audio and Video Formats
  • ​Design relevant additional upsells to increase your income from same course
  • ​Brainstorm additional values you can provide for your customers that will give you more income.

Weeks 7 &8  : Launching Your Online Course For Massive Profits For The 1st Time

  • ​Build your affiliate recruitment page to sign up affiliates, including influential people, to join your team of promotional partners
  • ​Recruit JV Managers And Affilaites For Your First Launch
  • ​List Your Product Launch on Launch notification sites on Social Media and target affilaite networks
  • ​Execute the P2I Formula's Prelaunch, Launch and Post Launch Strategies

Week 8 And Beyond: Getting Round-The-Clock- Traffic, Leads & Buyers

  • ​     Send the traffic from connections built on week 2 and 5 with influential people to your sales funnel (built in week 7)
  • ​    Enjoy building your large mailing list and being positioned as the Go To Expert
  • ​    Serve your clients with excellence and make a big impact in this world and in your clients' lives

Component 2: Promotional Email Templates ($297 Value)

You will get access to 7 high converting professionally created and tested emails that can be used by you or your affiliates to promote your course.
You will also get access to email and social media communication templates on how to reach out to influential people and build relationships.
As part of these templates you will also get access to promotional emails which allow you and your affiliates to invite people to your webinars and landing pages to get access to your free promotional material; and enable you to build lists and promote your course.

Component 3: High Converting Sales Page Templates ($197 Value)

If you have always wondered how you can put together high converting sales pages for your business to get your potential clients to take action and invest in your program, you are going to love these high converting sales page templates.If you use Click Funnels, we will give you the link to an entire online course marketing sales funnel.For other tools, we will give you a sales page template to say the right thing at the right place.These templates include stand-alone high converting sales pages, as well as sales page templates that include a Video Sales Letter.You will also get a step by step guide on everything you need to include in a Video Sales Letter script to get amazing results from short or descriptive videos.What’s more, you will get access to a transcript for delivering high converting webinars and a template for your potential clients to use to sign up with after the webinar.

Component 4: Post-Purchase Follow-up Email Templates ($97 Value)

When it comes to building online courses, it's not just about selling your course.It's also about getting your students engaged in your course with the right follow up email series, to build relationships with them, and to give them a step by step action plan to get the best result from studying your content.With these templates  you will be able to engage your students and encourage them to consume your content.When your customers get results, they will refer clients to you on a regular basis.

Component 5: Lifetime Membership In our Passion-2-Income Mastermind ($997 Value)

Beside education, Ultimate Course Formula is all about being part of a success minded community.
Apart from the regular presence of Dr. Ope and his team of coaches being present in this group to answer your questions at all times, we have also invited several successful mentors and former students of our P2I Academy to help you navigate the success ladder
You can join our exclusive Facebook Support Group to ask your questions at any time, share your expertise with others, and build relationships with other students and P2I Formula experts.

Component 6: Post-Course Weekly Netpreneur Webinars /Q/A For Continued Support, Training , Feedback ($397 Value)

We understand that ongoing training and support as you continue ot grow your Passion To Income Program online is crucial for sustainable success. So every week for 52 weeks after you have completed yourt course, you will get access to attend our Weekly Netpreneur Webinars where we deal with various issues and topics that would help you maintain your momentum and success.You will also be automatically enrolled in our Netpreneur Newsletter where we provide you daily updates, tips and resources to help you succeed and increase your sales and profits. This Newsletter also gives you special and exclusive access to some of the developments at the Netpreneur Success Academy 

Some Amazing Fast-Action Bonuses Today

Bonus 1: Complete Traffic Mastery Course ($997 Value)

Behind the scene strategies from world class marketers on how to successfully market your course for round-the-clock income. This humongous course will teach you everything you need to know about Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, and Organic traffic. 

Bonus 3: Confessions Of The Rainmakers Series ($697 Value)

Get Monthly Access To Advanced Market Updates; Game Changing Articles; Cool Tricks & Tips; and Insider Secrets From Top Professionals [Over 80-Pages Each Month!]
PLUS Full Access To ALL 22 Previous Editions AND Over $1,000 in Bonuses! 

Who is The P2I Formula Program for? Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Entertainers, Marketers and Speakers ....

Help Others Learn What You Know Or What You Are Passionate About. 

Be The Go To Expert In Your Area Of Expertise, Hobby Or Interest. 

Earn Income From Your Knowledge And Live The Life Of Your Dreams 

Passion To Income Formula is for you if you want to...

What Our Students Say About The Passion To Income Formula...

Oliver Norton

Fitness and Health Coach

The Passion Income System From Dr Ope  was a game changer for me. As a Weight Loss Coach, I have been training lots of people to manage their health, fitness and weight but doing it one on one  in my Exercise gymn was both time consuming and took a physical toll on my, my time and my family. I was looking for how i could automate the system before i ran into Dr Ope's Passion To Income Formula course. The investment in Dr Ope's P2I Formula Course and the Live Event was the biggest thing that every happened to me as I was able to reduce my knowledge and expertise into an easy to digest online course that i now make available to my clients all over the world without doing anything else to earn income from it. I could not believe how the P2I Formula course has change my life and multiplied my income. Dr Ope is simply amazing in the way he carefully led me through the process of creating it all though i had never created any online course before. 

Stephen Akintayo 

Real Estate Developer / Digital Marketing Coach

As a Serial Entrepreneur  of many years, it’s rare that I come across someone that I can really learn from and expand on my own skills in my profession. In my opinion, Dr Ope is a very knowledgeable and brilliant leader who gets results for his students, and brings out the best in his students. Within a few short months of being part of Dr Ope's Passion to Income Academy I fulfilled my dream of using my expertise and knowledge to successfully create and launch my own passion to income programs in  the area of Digital Marketing and Real Estate.  Due to Dr Ope's Coaching, Mentoring and Inspiration, I’ve been able to leverage the skills  i learnt from him  to successfully expand my business into online training and begin earning income in ways at levels I had never expected just a few years ago.

Kenny St Brown 

Musician, Pastor & Life Speaker

Thank you so much Dr Ope, for being someone who not only does a phenomenal job as a speaker/mentor, but who has supported me on my own personal journey in overcoming personal challenges so that I can be better at what I do as a Musician, Preacher, Mentor and Motivational Speaker. For years I dreamt about writing my own book to tell my story and motivate many of my students to dare to turn around their lives for better. It remained a dream until I met with Dr Ope and was privileged to be coached by him.  Within a few weeks being part of of Dr Ope's Passion to Income Coaching program I had written my book, TURN IT AROUND,  and launched it to great success. Dr Ope is simply phenomenal with unlimited energy, amazing energy and a rare ability to bring out the best in his students over a very short period of time. 

Emmanuel Akingbola

Forex, Stocks and Cryptos Coach

I think the best course I ever paid for was  Passion To Income Formula Course with Dr Ope Banwo. Though I had no previous experience with how to create an online program to monetize my passion and expert knowledge in  Forex, Currency Trading and Cryptos, Dr Ope showed me how easy it is to create a winning online course based on my expert knowledge regardless of my level of expertise.  Having the Passion To Income Community and resident expert coaching in the P2I Mastermind was also extremely beneficial to the learning process. This training delivered results and what is even more important to me is this is a repeatable process that I can use over and over again for the price of one course! If you want to turn your expertise and passion to a profitable course content, I would highly recommend the Passion To Income Formula Course and the LIVE event as well !

Kimberly Williams 

Lifestyle Coach

I’ve been creating and teaching online courses for years. But like in anything you do, there are gaps in your knowledge and new technologies and services are always becoming available. Dr Ope’s Passion To Income Formula course filled those knowledge gaps and prepared me to MUCH better select courses that sell more easily while serving my students better. I have made some critical changes to my marketing strategy and my course structures. My confidence is now substantially higher knowing I have all the pieces rather than just most of the pieces to offer successful online courses. The resources Dr Ope shared in his training, hi experience and the thoroughness  of his course and presentation makes it a very easy investment to justify. I am so glad i took the challenge. It was the best thing i did in years” 

Leon Andrew

Software Developer/ Web Development Trainer

He was struggling as a web developer, ecommerce, and info marketer
Within 3 months of applying P.I.M, he exploded with his own brand
John Greatman made over $87,000 his first 7 months as my protégé
Now averages about $15,000 a month as an ecom expert now applying the Profit Income System
He is now working on deploying his own franchise for ecom in Africa with my Full Help and support

John Greatman

eCommerce Entrepreneur

I was struggling as a web developer, eCommerce, and info marketer for years and looking for how to increase my income without having to work so hard as i was. 
 Within 3 months of taking the P2I Formula Course , I exploded my own brand online as an ecommerce expert I am now working on deploying my own franchise for eCommerce in Africa with the skills  and strategies I learnt from the Passion To Income Formula Course and Live Event. 

I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses while making a massive difference in my business by creating and selling profitable online courses

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer worth over $3,500 of training for a very low investment.This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute.

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer worth over $21,000 of training for a very low investment. This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute as soon as the next class is full.

I also understand that as part of Ultimate Course Formula, I will receive:

I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses while making a massive difference in my business by creating and selling profitable online courses

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer worth over $3,500 of training for a very low investment.This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute.