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The day were you'll truly take FULL advantage of the number one (1) internet sales weapon that engages and generates passive commissions - Videos! Right from any Doc Online...
Ability To Embed Videos As Overlays | Capture UNLIMITED Leads | Get Never-Seen-Before 50 Exclusive Templates

You're About To Witness The RAW Power Of DocStudioFX In A Way

Dear New DocStudioFX Member,

I know you must be thrilled to log in to your DocStudioFX dashboard to start creating STUNNING eBooks, Magazines, White Papers and Reports with our secret Built-In Monetization Technology…
… and rake in MASSIVE commissions and sales instantly.
BUT before you do that…

There’s an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL feature that we didn’t UNLOCK yet...

Welcome To DocStudioFX Pro

Give Your Lead Magnets The MASSIVE Boost With Embedded Videos

Take a look at these FACTS aboutLead Magnets for a moment…

Video Lead Magnets Stimulate

Video Lead Magnets

Why We Couldn’t UNLOCK This Feature
For ALL The DocStudioFX Members?

I bet you’re thinking this very question right now. And I am going to be brutally honest…
Adding this feature cost us A HELL LOT MORE MONEY and TIME (it was literally like creating a whole together new product). 
And although our primary aim is to help ALL marketers get as much targeted traffic as possible… helping them make HUGE sales and commissions… 
… we wanted to save something EXTRA for serious marketers and ‘Go-Getters’. These marketers (I am guessing you are one of them) don’t settle for ‘enough’… enough traffic and leads to generate a passive income… enough money to lead a normal life… enough success to be able to stand out amongst family and friends. 
These ‘Go-Getters’ are their own competition. 
They want to MAXIMIZE results – that’s not a sign of greed… in fact, that’s a sure sign of high self-value. They value their time, money and effort. 
They don’t mind the EXTRA mile as long as that ensures MAXIMUM output possible.

With That Said… Let Me TellYou ALL About The ‘Pro’ Offer…

50 Done-For-You Designer Template

Yeah… that’s right. Our Pro Members get access to 50 DFY exclusive designer templates. These are spread across multiple niches.
These templates are designed by our in-house team of marketers and designers. These guys know exactly the right sauce needed to engage and convert the audience. I am talking about the right flow, the right colours, the right design… (that you and I may be oblivious to) but that certainly plays an important role in the psyche of our audience.
These templates are exclusively designed for Pro members ONLY. Even the other DocStudioFX Members can’t get access to these.

Unlock UNLIMITED Lead Capture

No caps. No boundaries. No limits. Capture as many leads as you can. Convert them into paying customers and rake in as many profits as you want.
The DocStudioFX Pro members get to capture an UNLIMITED number of leads. As we mentioned before… Why settle for anything less than the MAXIMUM? 
Even if we apply the 80/20 rule (aka. The Pareto principle) assuming that 80% of our profits would come from just 20% of our leads… it makes sense to work on the ‘20%’ component. Just keep adding new leads to increase your profits.

Embed Call-To-Action Buttons
To Skyrocket Conversions

The ‘ugly-truth’ is that there’s so much of ‘Free’ information floating around the web that the audience is no longer willing to pay for any sort of information.
Most of them won’t even make as little an effort as to fill out their name to access information. 
But, there’s a catch! And we are going to use that to our advantage. 
You see, most people will not open a document or a page if they are asked to give out their names and emails right at the start. 
However, once they start reading and are fully engrossed in ‘taking-in’ the information – then they can’t walk away with half-knowledge. 
You fully-control as to when these CTAs would pop-up… stopping your audience in their tracks and forcing them to give out their details, if they want to read further. 
Use these CTAs to capture leads or even to send your audience to your offers or affiliate promos to earn HUGE profits and commissions.

The Complete Range Of CTAs AvailableONLY To DocStudioFX Pro Members

Opt-In CTA

Add an opt-in form to your documents. Intelligently choose the part where you know your audiences’ curiosity levels are high… they are looking for answers.
Humans cannot fight the urge to know the answers to the ‘unknown’. The FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) effect is just too hard to resist. Turn every visitor into a lead with Opt-In Forms blocking their way until they provide their details and subscribe to your list.

Social Media Buttons CTA

Add social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter etc. Set-Up these ‘Share buttons’ to show up at any specific page to force your audience… this time, to make your doc go viral.
Compel your to ‘Share’ the link FIRST before they can even read a specified page or the entire doc for EVEN MORE viral free traffic.

Redirect Button CTA

Smartly add a clickable button overlay on any page to help you get the highest possible Click-Through-Rates to your offers. 
You can also upload your own custom images and use those like buttons and add whatever text you wish to them (for example: Click Here, Sign Up Now, etc.)  
Personalizing CTAs have proven to increase conversions.

Video Embedded CTA

This is where... as a Pro Member – you get a MASSIVE ‘unfair’ advantage over your competitors and even other DocStudioFX Members.
The adoption of video as a marketing tactic continues to soar, with more marketers using it than ever.

As a Pro Member, you can embed videos as an overlay on any page or right in front of your eBook to engage and sell.
Embed your Video as an overlay in the eBook or any document forcing the user to first watch the video and then access the document. Make the Video go viral and get an INSANE amount of traffic.

ALL Future Updates &Upgrades Included

DocStudioFX has been built from the ground up from the most cutting-edge technology … and is fast becoming an ‘indispensable’ tool in every marketer's marketing arsenal. It’s here to stay. So, we’ll be regularly updating the software and even releasing completely upgraded versions …



Meaning you’ll always stay ahead of the curve & enjoy the very latest lead capture technology when you go PRO today.
The advanced features & functionality of PRO are built to drive you higher profits … and they’re JUST as plug & play simple as using the core software. No extra learning curve or skills required … they perform as promised with point & click ease right out of the box.

The ONLY difference is to YOUR
bottom line profits:

BUT You Got To Act Right NOW

We plan on releasing the Pro version of DocStudioFX as a standalone product shortly after this launch - for a minimum of $497 per year or $97 each month.
As a new DocStudioFX customer, you’re being invited to upgrade to the pro version for a highly discounted, one-time fee. 
Remember, this unique invitation only lasts while this page is open.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are super-confident that DocStudioFX Pro will bring you UNLIMITED profits. If we are right, you get tons of money putting DocStudioFX Pro in action.
But, in case we are wrong… (not a good chance of that happening though) – just drop us a message within 30-days from your purchase and get even this small one-time investment that you are making today… refunded in full.
No questions asked. No hassles. No delays.

Thanks again for Joining DocStudioFX!
We hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to help you take your profits to the next level with this low-cost, one-time upgrade.

Let’s meet soon on the inside.

Victory Akpos and Ope Banwo ll

No thanks. I don’t want the ability to MAXIMIZE profits by upgrading to the Pro level. I understand that in case I change my mind later, there’s a sure chance that I’ll end up paying a hell lot more for these extra features. Please take me back to my original purchase.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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