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Over the past 32 years, Dr Ope has excelled as an Attorney, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker. He has helped hundreds of companies, trained thousands of proteges, sold tens of thousands of copies of his books, and is founder 5 Flagship Companies including Bi-Law (USA Law Firm) ; Netpreneur360 Inc (Digital Business Consulting Firm) and  Mobisoft360 Inc (creators of productivity software tools); GistHouse (Audio Conversation App); and American Internet Business School (Digital Business Capacity training and certification school).

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He was born in the slums of Lagos as the 3rd of 6 siblings but despite early tragedies in his life, he managed to claw his way out of the early setbacks to achieve phenomenal success at the young age of 24 with his very own Finance Company. I faced tragedy early in early when my mother was killed in a ghastly motor accident on the day of my 14th birthday. Growing up my parents were not rich, but my father, who never remarried after the painful passing of my mother, gave me and my siblings a very strong sense of self-worth, integrity, good example of a strong work ethic, and a belief in self-worth with unshakeable trust in God and providence. These values  have helped me, and virtually all my siblings survive a motherless childhood,  to become extra-ordinarily successful in our careers. Growing up, Dr Ope was a very restless kid in a restless neighborhood, but managed to graduate as a Lawyer as part of the Top 10 of his class before he was 21, About 2 years after being admitted to the Bar as an Attorney, he graduated top of his class from the University of Lagos, with a Masters degree in Law. Dr Ope also took the Institute of Chartered Accountants Professional exams while with Arthur Andersen Consulting. He took several other professional courses and training over the course of his storied business career. He obtained his honorary PhD in Law in 2015.


Dr Ope started his business and consulting career with the firm of Arthur Andersen & Co, the premiere consulting firm in the world at the time. He later moved to International Funding Group PLC as Group Managing Director at age of 25. About 2 years later he started his own Finance Company. Despite prevailing wisdom in his environment while growing up that getting a good job was the most important thing, Dr Ope always believed in self-enterprise and being in control of his own destiny. Even while still in employment, he had his very first company called Dial-A-Plumber Ltd. Though it was a spectacular failure, Dr Ope learnt a lot about life and business with that experience.  Dr Ope's first major success in business for himself was with First Aid Finance where he grew his new company, with essentially zero start-up capital to one of the preeminent finance companies in less than 2 years.  He eventually emigrated to the USA in the wave of political unrest in the country from military dictators.  With Dr Ope's early taste for business, building and running new businesses became an obsession for him. In a Business and Consulting career that has spanned over 30 years, he has founded or been involved in the setting up of more than 100 businesses both for himself and in helping dozens of clients across the globe. Some of the more notable businesses Dr Ope has been involved with either as Founder or as President/CEO include IFG PLC, First Aid Finance, Specialty Personnel Services, Banwo & Igbokwe Law Firm, American Training Instiute, Dove Media PLC, Stingomania Records, Netpreneur360 and Mobisoft360 Inc. to mention a few.
Dr Ope's first company in the USA, Specialty Personnel Services, recorded over $3.4 Million in its second year, and he had went on to be involved in the starup or management of all kinds of businesses. Some recorded spectacular successes, while some were spectacular failures.
The successes, failures and frustration Dr Ope encountered in his storied career as a business start-up and business management specialist gave him unique abilities to help prospective entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, help struggling businesses diagnose and fix their problems while also having unique skills to help successful people eliminate drags and increase their productivity and profits. Together with his amazing team, Dr Ope has launched his flagship Software development company, Mobisoft360 Inc under the Fearless Netpreneur Brand.


Dr Ope is a family man, has been married to the love of his youth and evergreen sweetheart, Olunike Ajoke, for over 26 years now. He works hard but finds time to go on vacations at least 4 times a year, including the Annual Marketers Cruise with some of the other top business people in the world. He has five children. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska,USA


Dr. Ope is very passionate about helping the less privileged in society, particularly in the areas of Education and Youth Empowerment. His non-profit organization, Ghetto Dreamz Foundation, in collaboration with his Fearless Netpreneur Organization, also provide ongoing Scholarships, Mentorship, and Training to help economically disadvantaged and at-risk inner-city youths in Africa and beyond to actualize their dreams of success.
His current massive initiative - Digital Works Africa - aims to help alleviate unemployment and under-employment in Africa through a massive digital works empowerment initiative. See more about Project Digital Works Africa here.Dr Ope also founded the Naija Lives Matter, a USA-Based NGO, committed to providing better lives for Nigerians everywhere. Under Naija Lives Matter, he has been organizing the highly popular FREE monthly Fish-For-Life Bootcamps, a 7-day monthly training on Digital Skills for Self Employment for 1,000s of Nigerian youths.


Dr Ope is a Kingdom Citizen who has been involved in ministry for more than 17 years in different capacities including Pastoring, Setting Up and Reorganizing churches,Equipping church workers and empowering Christians for Business through speaking, seminars, events and mentorship. Dr Ope has also written several books on Christianity including Return Of The Prodigal, The Kingdom Citizen, The Making Of A KingdomPreneur, Overcoming The Gideon Complex and The Blessings Of Adversity etc. All available on 



Dr Ope's Books Are Literally Changing Lives All Over The World  - Over 200,000 Copies Sold worldwide!

Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe

The Shocking True Story Of How A Successful Attorney Spent Over $100,000 Trying To Make Money Online As Netpreneur And Failed… And What You MUST DO To Avoid The Same Fate!

This is my PERSONAL STORY when I was starting out just like everyone else and the Explosive True Story Of How I Overcame Obstacles To Achieve Amazing Success Online... And How My Confessions Can Help You Succeed Too!

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Confessions Of The Rainmakers

9 Super Netpreneurs. 9 Live Interviews Over 6 Weeks. All Confessing the secrets of their success. This is the closest you would ever get to unlocking the business strategies of these top internet marketers

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The Netpreneur Manifesto

This amazing guide contains everything you need to become a successful digital marketer and save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration

You Cannot succeed Online Without Some Foundational Knowledge And Plan Of Action. The Netpreneur Manifesto Will Give You Everything You Need To Become A Successful Digital Marketer And Save Yourself Time, Money And Frustration

Digital Marketing Without Tears For Corproate Executives

A Complete Handbook Of Everything Entrepreneurs And Corporate Eexecutives Must Know On How To Successfully Market Their Company Online

This book written specifically written for corporate executives exploring how to take the brand expansion and marketing of their offline businesses into the internet. This book will show you everything you need to do, and how to to do it, in the most cost effective ways, even if you know nothing about digital markeitng for companies right now. 

Overcoming The Gideon Complex

A Liberating Book On How To Deal With Fear And Limitations In Pursuit Of Your Destiny. This book has literally changed 1,000s of lives across many disciplines and industries

Have you often been paralyzed by fear from taking action steps towards fulfilling your dream? Have you often felt helpless because of your personal weaknesses? Have you ever been tempted to blame God or your circumstances for your condition? Are you tired of living below your potential? This book will show you how to overcome your fear, confront your weaknesses and go on to fulfill your purpose and destiny in life. 

The 12 Commandments Of Digital Marketing 

BRAND-NEW BOOK on the 12 Critical Rules For Online Success And How To Apply Them To Increase Profits in your business. 

Get Instant Access To The 12 Laws For Achieving Sustainable Success Online [And Use Them To Explode Your Business Profits!] These 12 Unwritten Laws Will Determine Your Success Or Failure As A Digital Marketer - You Violate them At The Risk Your Business Profits!



Our Software Development and Management Division Company

Over 50,000 Individuals and Entrepreneurs Use Mobisoft360's Software & Productivity Tools!

We Create and Manage Easy-To-Use Software That Lets The Every Worker Do Technical Tasks Without Needin Any Technical Skills.. Some of our bestselling software form Mobisoft Inc. 

The Cloud-based Software that helped thousands of Individuals and Businesses Build High Performance and Gorgeous Android and iOS Mobile Apps within Minutes.  Build Unlimited Android, iOS & Web Apps; Unlimited Downloads; Unlimited Installs; Unlimited Push Notifications, Plus White Label Admin Panel For Your Clients Its so easy to use, no Coding required and will allow you BUILD and SELL Your Apps to MILLIONS of Local and Online Businesses for $500 - $3000 Per App!

 Get The World’s First All-In-One Page Builder, Video Creator and Graphics Editor - All Under One Dashboard!  Create Lightning Fast Funnels, Web-Pages, Viral Videos And Jaw Dropping Graphics In a Few Minutes, Using the World's Most Complete Drag-n-Drop Marketing Tools Creator Build Pages, Create Videos and Perfect Graphics Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before... Then Sell On Your Creations With Your INCLUDED Commercial Licence…

 Get The All-New Ai-Driven Voice Autoresponder and Voice Funnels Creator that helps you Automatically Track, Follow-Up & Manage Your Incoming, Missed, or dropped Calls, without the need to ever pick up the phone! Now You can close more deals & increase your profits by automatically following up all your missed or incoming calls Quicker and Easier that ever before.. and even if you're as busy as hell!  With Full Commercial Rights Licence included…

The Revolutionary Software To Seamlessly Manage Every Area Of Your Ministry and Provide Amazing Value-Added Benefits To Your Church Members!This Amazing Church Management Software Will Help You Take Your Ministry Administration, Finance and Growth To The Next Level.

 The World’s 1st And ONLY All-In-One Graphics Software Built For Marketers, By Marketers. Say goodbye to complicated tools and over-priced designers Create Ultra-fast graphics designs on a robust SaaS platform World’s EASIEST to use drag and drop graphics editor - pro quality images with ZERO experienceMASSIVE library of royalty-free assets … choose from over 7.5 million graphic elements for unlimited design options5-in-1 graphics suite: designer, ecover creator, mockup creator, scene creator, ebook creator and logo creator

GistHouse is The Audio-Gisting Social Media For Great Conversations.  With The GistHouse Audio-Conversation App, You Engage With Millions Of People Around The World, At any time And Anywhere;
Download GistHouse App On PlayStores by clicking on the download button above or below this section

  • ​Run 4 different Kinds Of Rooms: Free, Friends Only, Closed & Paid Rooms
  • ​Inbuilt Referral System That Compensates You For Inviting Friends To Gist
  • ​Enjoy In-App Monetization For Your Conversations, Skills And Knowledge
  • ​Monetize Your GistRooms With In-App Corporate Sponsorships


Digital Business Consultancy, Training And Mentoring Division of the Banwo Group

Dr Ope Banwo's Signature Courses Under The Netpreneur360 Brand Have  Helped Over 30,000 People Get Their Start And  Achieve Brakthorugh While Also Helping Many successful businesses maximize the power of the internet for more profits!

Here are some of our very successful signature online courses guaranteed to help you achieve more success online and in helping your offline business maximize the power of the internet for more leads, more sales and more profits  

Launchify360 Product Creation And Product Launch Mastery Course

“The Complete Step-By-Step Blueprint, Software, Toolkit And Swipe-File For CREATING and LAUNCHING Your Own Product Online For 6-Figures...Even If You Have NEVER Launched A Product Before!”Launchify360 System is an Easy-To-Follow Step by Step Training, presented in Video, Audio and Transcripts, Swipe File and software kit etc, that literally takes you by the hand, and shows you how to easily create your 6-figure product; how to build your 6-figure sales funnels, and how to launch that product successfully for multiple 6-figures in 5 days or less on the internet marketplace. 

7 Pillars To 6 Figures Course

This course Is For Serious Entrepreneurs Seeking To Grow Their Online Business To 6-Figures Even If They Have Never Done Any Business Before. Its a 12-Week Course that provides the Complete training on the 7 critical Step-By-step Blueprint For Creating And Deploying Your 6-Figure Digital Business In 12 Weeks Or Less. Over 15 Hours Of Practical Training Comes with Weekly Live Webinars, Workbooks, Masterminds, Home Studies and Certifications


Providing Digital Training And Empowerment For Businesses, Executives and Professionals

The primary objective of American Internet Business School (A.I.B.S.) is to provide modular internet-based training in the form of Online and Live Training; Recorded Training and Home Study courses for doing business on the internet.
We equip businesses and individuals on how to maximize their effectiveness on the internet, and provide training on key areas of internet business, brand building, communication, marketing and sales

Here are some of our very successful signature online courses from American Internet Business School guaranteed to help you achieve more success online and in helping your offline business maximize the power of the internet for more leads, more sales and more profits  


Ecommerce sites are ending up increasingly well known and common constantly, making a flourishing and focused market.
As a business person, getting into web based business is a noteworthy advance towards growing a business and expanding benefits.
For the individuals who are simply beginning a business web based business can possibly be the establishment of a beneficial organization.
Whichever you are, realize that web based business isn’t just setting up your items on the web and seeking after the best.


This course is specially designed for people who loved to work from home and want to be their own boss. By the time you are done with this course, you’re going to grab the ultimate guide on how to work on freelance projects worldwide.
In this course you will also learn different tricks and tips to attract clients and win the project easily in real time with all requirement. And how to deal with clients to remain in long-term business relationship instead of short-term business. I will also discuss about power of review system and being a top rated and seller freelancer in all platform.


online business that has achieved any kind of success online is backed by some form of a launch.
Many people want to start writing an eBook or pamphlet but don’t know where or how to start. They may be an expert in their field but don’t know how to begin writing a book. Or, they know they want to write a book but have no idea of what to write about.
Consider This Your Unfair Online Business Advantage! 


How to Become A Super Affiliate Selling Products For The Biggest Companies In The World
Achieve your Financial dreams while becoming a most-sought after digital marketer for the biggest Companies and Entrepreneurs in the world from the comfort of your home


Founding Partner Of Omaha, Nebraska USA-Based law fir,

Our Vision at Banwo and Igbokww (Attorneys-at-Law), is to be the leading legal services firm in the Midwestern areas of USA in providing results-driven legal services to our clients all over the world with Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation and Passion. We specialize in all Areas Of Immigration Law; Criminal Law; Federal Practice and Personal Injury Cases

We provide results-focues, competent, experienced and efficient representation and consultation in all areas of immigration law, Criminal and Federal matters in Central USA area and surrounding states, including
EB-5 Immigrant Investor Representation
Maintenance And Adjustment Of Status
Immigration Consultation for Illegal Immigrants
Immigration Students Issues
Noon- Immigrant And Immigrant Visa Consultations
Immigrant Worker Issues
Overstaying Illegal Immigrants
Citizenship Questions

Fealess Netpreneur Conference

The Marketing Event With A Fearless Twist You Cannot Miss!

Each year, join thousands of entrepreneurs who come together for four days of the best marketing and online sales training in the world. The event is designed to help you build and scale ANY business using ClickFunnels and the FunnelHacking Process. 


Fearless Netpreneur Club

Netpreneur Show

Red Pill Of The Day


Netpreneur Inner Circle Coaching:

For Entrepreneurs Seeking To Grow Their Online Business To 6-Figures Even If They Have Never Done Any Business Before

Whether you've made $1 or $10,000 online, the Netpreneur Coaching program is the fast track and shortcut to your first million dollars. Work with Russe closest team of funnel builder and traffic coaches to build your 7-figure message, offer, and funnel. This program includes group support, live masterminds, and the best training programs Russell offers.

Launchify360 VIP Coaching

The Intensive One-On-One Coaching Program To Help You Create and Launch Your Own 6-Figure Digital Product In 6-Weeks Or Less, Even If You Have Never Created or Launched A Product Before

The closest thing to free money you'll ever see. Russell's most elite group friends and clients - his inner circle - are 8-figure entrepreneurs growing to reach the 9-figure mark. Direct 1:1 access to Russell himself, plus in-person mastermind events twice a year. This is by application plus referral only.

Passion To Income Coaching

The Intensive One-On-One Coaching Program To Help You Create and Launch Your Own 6-Figure Digital Product In 6-Weeks Or Less, Even If You Have Never Created or Launched A Product Before

The closest thing to free money you'll ever see. Russell's most elite group friends and clients - his inner circle - are 8-figure entrepreneurs growing to reach the 9-figure mark. Direct 1:1 access to Russell himself, plus in-person mastermind events twice a year. This is by application plus referral only.

Hire Dr Ope

For Business Consulting, Digital Marketing Strategy & Worldwide Speaking Engagements

If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Dr Ope, his fees for events are below:

  • ​ One Hour Live Consultation Meeting Online - $500. Video Call Via Zoom, Skype or other app
  • ​Power Lunch (To pick his brain) - starts $500 on location in Omaha, Nebraska
  • ​ Speaking Engagements - $25,000 or 50% back of room sales (whichever is higher)
  • ​ One-On-One Coaching [ 3 Months] - $10,000 (Launchify360; P2I or Netpreneur Activation]
  • ​ Train Your Team [5-Days] - $50,000  [Omaha or your location anywhere in the world]


So...this is where I take up issues important to you as a business person break it down in an interactive way to help you solve problems, get clarity and direction for your business .. whatever niche it may be. Join me daily on my free podcasts and video broadcasts on the Netpreneur Show


Episode 18

Dr. Ope & Guests Review Nominees For The Annual Netpreneur Awards

Episode 29

Ceo Of JVZoo, Laura Casselman On The Netpreneur Show Hot Seat!

Episode 32

Todd Gross On The Hot Seat


Dr Ope Banwo is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here:


Contact:Fearless Netpreneur Group
3568 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68131

Office Tel: 402-345-5759

My Current Hot Projects

  • ​Digital Works Africa
  • ​ Passion To Income
  • ​ DocStudioFX Software
  • ​Voicematic Software

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