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I'll Personally Coach You To A Consistent Income Of $10,000+ Per Month Starting From Scratch ...

And Help You Achieve Your Dreams Of Financial Success As ANETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE in 6 months or Less

Get The Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Group Coaching Program

For those who are ready to go from zeroto high 5-figure income per month within a few weeks.

Dear Friend,

The brutal, but honest truth, that I have learnt from my own personal painful experience, dashed hopes, and loss of over $100,000 in 6 months, while trying to decode the internet marketing formula, is that the problem with over 95% of people struggling to make money online is NOT lack of knowledge, or lack of access to the information, tools and materials they need to succeed.
My personal experience as a former guru wannabe, is that most failures or struggles on the internet, is due to lack of a good mentor, and one-on-one Coaching, from those who have been through the trenches, and who can take the struggling newbies and veterans, by the hand and show them how to structure and profitably apply the massive information available on how to make money online 

In my experience, the problem is NOT in knowing what to do, but in actually making it happen, and getting it done step by step from start to finish on your own.
Sadly, most people who have been in the internet marketing business for a while without a major breakthrough, and most newbies still trying to figure it all out, have no clue or system to break out of the cycle of internet poverty. 
The question that has always left people frustrated, discouraged, and often caused MANY to give up on their dreams of financial breakthrough, centers mostly on only one question: How Do I apply the information or ‘secrets’ I have learnt in product after product on how to become successful online? 
Without a mentor or coach, most simply fall along the way and become another casualty or part of the negative statistics of those who have lost out in the internet money game. 

I know all this because I have been there.

My Journey From $890.12 month To
Over $250,000 In Less than 6 Months

As of December 2012, I was still an absolute internet marketing newbie who got my ass handed to me online, losing over $100,000 as I attempted to create a successful internet business.
6 months later, I finally decoded the formula for creating a sustainable money sucking internet business model with many streams of income including founding the American Internet Business School and the I.M Rehab Center. Before those dramatic months of breakthrough, the highest I had ever made in a month was $890.12
I went from less than $1,000 a month in income, to over $250,000 in 6 months, when my personal coach and mentor helped me put together a simple system that can be applied to virtually any internet business, and then helped me execute it in my own particular niche. 

When I finally got the missing link of one on one coaching, I went From Zero To Hero In less than 6 months!
I was able to attract mega clients including major banks; insurance companies and several businesses that allowed me to net over $250,000 in the last 6 months, and now I am on-course to cross the $500,000 mark by end of this year. 
Prior to this big explosion, my highest income in any month was $890.12, though I spent over 16 hours each day on the internet and spent a small fortune of over $100,000 in the process. 
Yet, now I work less than 4 hours a day online, have less frustration, and have the time to take my whole family of 8 people for a 7 day vacation in Orlando, USA, including a 5 day fun-filled time at Disney World; Universal studios and Worlds of Fun to mention a few. 

So, how did I do it? What was Missing LinkIn My internet Income Explosion?

Yes, while decoding all the secrets of success and finding a formula to make money on call on the internet was really good and instrumental in my success, the real catalyst, and the missing link for me was...
The internet coaching program with one of the top trainers in the internet marketing industry.
Though it cost me a whopping $9,997 for the 3-month program, it was worth every dime I paid.
This wonderful coach not only held me accountable to my dreams, but helped me put the key success factors that I had learnt in my wannabe journey into a money-generating internet business within that short time.

One-On-One Coaching is the missing linkto realizing your dreams of success online

It is time that you acknowledge that if we were to search your hard-drive right now, you probably absolutely have most of the materials you need to start making money online.
For complete newbies, even if you have not bought those materials yet, the chances are that ‘gurus’ who only care about your money will soon be offering them to you in product after product, and in multiple upsells that tell you basically the same steps you need for success. 
So, the real reason you are not making more than $10,000 a month is NOT lack of knowledge or information but how to implement them, and complete the process of making money online, in real time. 
Of course you can always keep going with Trial and Error of trying to do it yourself, or you can go through a coach with a proving step by step system who can hold you by the hand, and help you navigate the waters of internet success. For those tired of trying to go it alone without success, and those who realize the power of internet coaching, my solution is... 


Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Club

Intensive Personal Coaching Program For Those Who Are tired of struggling online or dreaming of success but who are actually Ready To Go From Zero To high 5-figures per month within a few weeks.

Why I Created The Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Club...

Having been through the trenches myself and after experiencing the frustrations of dashed hopes before figuring out the missing link for online success, I decided to pay it forward by creating An affordable and PRACTICAL COACHING PROGRAM to help struggling internet marketers and newbies …

Operate more efficiently

Put more money in bank accounts

Get more authority online

Have more time for family

Get more time for the good things of life that made them start out as internet marketers in the first place

Here are some of the specific exclusive things you get as a member of

The Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Club

Personal Coaching Plan To Help You Get To consistent 5-figure monthly income Status In 6 Months Or Less

Step-by-Step Training to Narrow Your Niche To A Profitable One and Guide You To Get Your Next Product Ready 

Weekly Action Assignments To Help You Get To $10,000 P/Month In 6 Months with Accountability

Help you Launch Your Product As A JV /Affiliate while also involving some of my top guru friends to help you

Access to All My Products Released So Far Including Ebooks; Videos And Audios

Weekly 30minsOne-On-One Consultation Meeting With Me Via Skype

The fool-proof profitable method to build a massive list while making money in the process

How to set up a money-sucking funnel that will help you make money on call anytime you want

Membership In FB Secret Coaching Class With Access To Me 24/7

Free V.I.P Access To All My Paid Events /Workshops

Help to Develop Your own profitable Business Plan Of Action

Help to Get Your Digital Product Ready For Release

The Good News Is That…

You can get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all this career boosting personal coaching program, and income generating products and services, right now for a fraction of what it would normally cost you if you were to buy these separately.
More importantly you also get un-fettered access to me and my experiences for a period of 6 months while we work together to turn you into a legitimate guru with a testimonial that will inspire others in a few months.

But Wait! The Bad News is that The Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Club is Not For Everyone!

Hopefully by now you've realized just how rare an opportunity it is to work directly with me to set up your internet income Legacy as an NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE ...
 And as much as I wish I could make this available to everyone who aspires to live a happy, free and abundant lifestyle... the sad fact is, it simply doesn't work that way. 
I want the NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE PROGRAM to be the most formidable online marketing training presence in the industry... and I know just how to get there, but to be a consistent monthly high 5 -figure NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE in 6 months or less, you need to be a Certain Kind Of Person. 
Yes, though Membership to The NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE CLUB is open to ALL Levels of Experience, form complete newbies to experienced marketers seeking to go to the next level, not everyone has what it takes to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Read the following requirementsand see if YOU have what it takes...

Any marketer who goes it alone quickly finds a limit to their earnings. This is a Club of go-getters and it's never been done before... Our collective efforts will turn us into the Next Generation Of Top Marketers, and each member's individual success will multiply the success of others. This is your chance to be a part of something special. Don't miss it.

The acceptable NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE wont settle for mediocre existence online. The NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE is someone who expects premium education, the best information available and the ultimate plan of execution.

Success isn't given... it's taken. You need to be capable of taking action. I'd hate to see the incredibly powerful and secretive knowledge I'm passing on to you get wasted. The Omega Wealth Club wants action-takers, not posers and fakers. You gotta DO SOMETHING with the knowledge... that's what the homework's for.

You have to be bold enough to dream big... for the freedom and pride that comes with running your own online business. You about to be serious about living a great life with the knowledge I'm going to give you.

If you answered the above questions in a positive way, then this break-through Coaching program is for you. Scroll down immediately to the submission box below to reserve one of the only 12 available seats

The Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice ProgramIs Definitely Not Open For…

Those Who Expect Money To Show Up In Their Bank Accounts Just Because the club is called ‘Omega Wealth’

Those who already believe they have figured out and are not ready to follow the instructions of an internet business Coach

Those who just want to keep kicking-tires and those who wont take immediate action on what they are learning.

Those who have no interest in running a real business & want another 'get rich quick' idea...

If any of the above applies to you, then you need to quickly close this presentation right now and go look for another ‘miracle’ product from your ‘guru’. You can come always back when you are really ready to make progress online and hope that the Apprentice program is still open.

What Really Sets The Netpreneur Wealth
Apprentice Program Apart…

Let's put things into perspective here...

No other program out there is this dedicated to your success, because no other coach out there is focused on developing Partners and Allies... they only 'train students'

There's enough knowledge packed into The NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE CLUB’s Curriculum to fill 100 eBooks and dozens of Video Courses

The structure of the training is Guaranteed to force you into taking action, so even if you sometimes have trouble seeing things through to the end...

The truth is... only a handful of marketers have ever really been in your position like I have, so I'm one of the very few who can truly relate to you, and knows exactly where you stand, and will tell you precisely what you need to hear to get you to the next step.

This is essentially an Exclusive Member's Only Club for people who share a common goal... Every one of us wishes for the success of everyone else, because ultimately it increases our own success! You won't find this kind of atmosphere anywhere else...

I know all this because I have been there

You're instantly equipped with every resource required to build a Steady 5-figure a Month business in weeks 

(Some of our students even reach 6-figures in less than 6 months).
You get all the hidden knowledge that's been kept from you for so long finally revealed to you... You get direct access to me and some other top internet marketers, so there'll never be a question you can't get answered... You get to be part of a Club motivated to succeed like nothing you've ever seen before... 
What's The Internet Lifestyle Really Worth To You? I guess maybe that's a little too open a question, but you should give it some thought. If I were to separate each element of the NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE training program into individual parts, and sell to the open market piece by piece, like every other marketer out there, the total of each part will be worth over $20,000. 

Lets look at the components in little pieces…and see what this could be costing you

As you can see, the components of the Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Clubis easily worth over $20,000 if offered separately. But...

I'm NOT like every other marketer out there... charging such massive amounts seems like a huge mistake to me

Of course the knowledge is easily worth that much, but:
I'm not going to charge you $20,000 for the 6-month NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE Personal Coaching program... 
I'm not going to charge you $10,000, or even $5,000 for the breakthrough NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE Training... 
In actual fact, since I really want EVERYONE to have an opportunity to break out of the cycle of frustration with trying to make legitimate money online... 

FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING included above…I'm only asking for :

My Unprecedented 150% Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that the NETPRENEUR WEALTH APPRENTICE PROGRAM is the missing link to your internet business breakthrough and your financial prosperity, that I am willing to put my own money on the line and actually pay YOU if this program does not work for you.
Yes, if you tried this coaching club for 6 months; Did everything I asked you to do; Showed up for online Coaching Meetings And Webinars And Did not make at LEAST 10 Times Your Membership Dues in those 6 months, I WILL PERSONALLY REFUND EVERYTHING YOU PAID PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 50% BONUS ON TOP, FOR YOUR EFFORTS! Take Action Right Now.

Now, with this unprecedented money-back guarantee, you really have no excuse for not jumping on this amazing opportunity. As they say, if you really want to break through from lack of money to prosperity on the internet, you will find a way, but if you are not really ready, and simply want to keep jumping from one shiny penny to the other, you will always find an excuse not to.

Offer Available right now for25 PEOPLE Only

Due to the intensive one-on-one efforts required to make this Apprentice program a life changing event for all my students, I can only take 25 Students at a time at this crazy low price

Join The Netpreneur Wealth Apprentice Club by clicking on the link Below

I am waiting for you at the top!

Dr Ope Banwo

The Wealth Apostle

Dear Netpreneur, please note that while everything described on this page and the testimonials on this page are 100% true, they are NOT designed to serve as a guarantee of income that YOU would make. We don’t know YOU or how hard or seriously you would work our program. We don’t even know if you would even do anything with all the awesome materials we will be providing to you. So, the income projections and testimonials are designed to give you an idea of what's possible if you are dedicated to your own success and if you are willing to follow instructions, put in the effort, and grow as an entrepreneur.
Be sure to check out our full income disclaimer IN our Terms And Conditions’ below.

You can cancel at any time during your trial period, no questions asked.
You can also cancel at any time, again no questions asked, after the trial period has ended. However, because we would have given you access to all our products and resources that took us months and a lot of resources to put together, we can only cancel your account at your request after the trial period is over. 
You will not be entitled to any monthly fees you have paid before your cancellation date.

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