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FACT: 95% Of Digital Marketers Fail, Or Run Out Of Money, Before They Become Profitable. This Will Show  You How To Beat The Odds!

This NEW 4-Step Formula On How To  EARN While You LEARN Will Help You Make Money While You Go Through Professional Training To Build Your Own Successfull Online Business [Even If You Are Just Starting From Scratch!]

It takes TIME AND MONEY to build a viable online business, but 95% of Marketers simply Run Out Of Money Before They Can Build The Necessary Pillars For A Sustainable Online Business

Its not rocket science why 95% of internet marketers fail, burn out and drop out before they hit the money trail.  Anyhow you loook at it, the high failure rate comes down to 4 major things that most new or struggling internet marketers suffer from:

  • ​ Lack quality products with a proven market demand they can use ot start making money immediately even as they learn the internet business
  • ​I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer that includes Bestselling Products worth over $50,000 To EARN as I LEARN PLUS All Marketing Materials PLUS Comprehensive training PLUS Group Coaching for a very low investment of $997 [one time] OR $397 [3-Part Payment]
  • ​They do  not have ready to go marketing tools and resources and it costs a lot of money and time to get them done 
  • ​ The Technology for achieving sustainable Success has a steep learning curve many never get to learn before they run out of money.
  • ​ Most have have no marketing strategy or proven system to make sutainable income online. They simply try to wing if from day to day until they burn out

On The Other Hand, Businesses Who Use “The franchise Model” Achieve Success 99% of The Time, While Less Than 30% Of Regular New Businesses Survive Beyond The First Year. Why?

We spent months  investigating the franchise success phenomenon and found out that there are 5 Major Factors For The 99% Success Rate Of Franchises Like Mcdonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Mr Biggs Etc :

  • ​ 1. They have  quality ready-to-go products  with a Proven Market Demand 
  • Get Instant access to Bestselling Products worth over $50,000 To EARN as I LEARN PLUS All Marketing Materials PLUS Comprehensive training PLUS Group Coaching for a very low investment Of $997 One-Time Payment OR $397 3-Payment Plan
  • ​2. They mostly have great marketing  tools for franchisees to use

  • ​ 3. They have reliable delivery Processes to Serve Customers & Maximize sales
  • ​4. They Have Great Training To Onboard Franchise Owners and Employees
  • ​5. They Have Easy-To-Use Systems Any Franchisee Can Follow Regardless Of Experience, Skill Or Level of Education

The 4-Step Formula Took The 5 Major factors responsible for the Success of most Franchises  and APPLIED Them To Internet Marketing Business, To Give You The Same 99% Chance at Success that Most Offline Franchises enjoy!

Here's a Breakdown Of The Entire 4-Step Formula For Online Success You Get Today:

Step 1 Component: You Get 10 Sets Of Complete
Plug-And-Play Best Selling Products With Huge Demands That You Can Start Selling Right Out Of The Box For Massive Income

You get Franchise License to 10 SETS OF COMPLETE PLUG-AND-PLAY MONEY-MAKING PRODUCTS that you can deploy to start making money immediately online in the next 24-72hours.  What makes these packages even more awesome is that EACH PRODUCT PACKAGE also comes with at least 3 different upsells included in its sales funnel. 
You can start making money with this in the next 24 hours by simply adding some traffic to the beginning of the funnel (the members area have a great training on tihs!). You GET TO KEEP 100% of ALL sales (including 50% of ALL the upsells) in the package: 

  • ​The 10 Ready-To-Go Products are created and ready to go. [10 Hot Products in Package] .
  • ​Products have been proven in the market place.
  • ​Most Of The Products were top 10 on JVZoo and several won Product Of the Day Awards
  • ​Combined sales of the 10 products online is over $2,400,000 in last 30 months
  • ​As Franchise Partner You collect 100% OF ALL Sales of the front-end products (and 50% of all upsell products included with each product).

The 10 Best Selling Products (this is an amazing combination of Software, Audio/Video Training and Book Combos) in this Step 1 of the 4-Step Formula are:

Mobimatic App Builder

The 1 Software For building mobile App Mobile Apps (Even with zero Technical Skills)

Document  Rebrander 

Software Edits And Turns Every Document Into A Traffic-Pulling Income-Generating Machine

Funnel360 Site Builder

The World’s First All-In-One Page Builder, Video Creator and Graphics Editor In One Dashboard

Voice Responder 

The Complete Voice Platform, Voice Mail Dropper, Voice Funnels Creator and Voice Responder

12 Bestsellers in One Package!

Buyers Get Over 70% OFF On 12 Bestselling Internet Business Books

Graphics Software 

The Worlds Most Affordable Graphics Creator and Marketing Tools Creator

DBS Diploma Certification

Get Certified As Digital Business Specialists And Master Internet For Profits

Whitelabel Magazine

Sell Full Commercial Rights To A Monthly Whiltelabel Magazine Buyers Can Customize, Rebrand And Resell 

ProgressiveWebApp Builder

Software builds all kinds of mobile apps for all app stores and create webapps from all website too  

Video Marketing Tool 

Market and distribute your videos with this amazing video marketing tool

Step 2 Component A: You Get Complete Access To All Marketing/Sales Funnels To Start Earning Money Immediately & Also Build Your Own List

You get the COMPLETE MARKETING FUNNELS, KITS AND RESOURCES to start building your own list that you own 100%. These funnels have been designed by award winning funnel designers to maximize your sales with minimum effort.  
Some of these funnels converted at over 12% and some at over $30 EPC during the launches. So, you know these funnels have been battle tested to help you make easy money with your promotions. What you get in this component of the 4-Step Formula include:n

  • ​Professional Personalized Squeeze Pages To Build your Own List Owned 100% Under Your Own Brand
  • ​Replicated Sales Pages For All The Products
  • ​Membership Site For Product Downloads By Buyers [We Maintain and Service This For You]
  • ​Autoresponder Configuration for ALL 10 Products (You have Done-For-You Configuration Option OR Self-Installation training]
  • ​Everything Ready To Go On Purchase Of License !

Step 2 Component B: High Converting Complete Marketing Materials And Resources To Promote Your Ready-To-Go Products For Immediate Income

Having a superbly designed funnels is not enough. You still need great promotional materials to drive traffic to the funnel, and also get the prospects to understand and fall in love with the product before they even get to the sales page. The NFS has you covered on that as well!
As part of the huge package you will be getting with your 4-Step Formula NFS License, you will also be receiving highly converting promotional materials to help you create massive awareness and promotional campaigns to super charge you commission including:

  • ​Done-4-You Give-Away Report For Squeeze Page
  • ​70 Done-4-You Follow-up Emails For Your Auto-Responder To Market Products [ 7 For Each Product]
  • ​Promotional Banners For Your Blog & Social Media
  • ​Social Media Posts And Tweets
  • ​Bonuses To Offer Your Customers For Each Of the Products
  • ​Solo Ads Articles To Generate Instant Traffic

Step 3 Component: Comprehensive Step By Step 7-Pillars To 6-Figures Masterclass To Help You Create Your Own 6-Figure Business
In 8 Weeks Or Less

You get complete access to the 7-PILLARS TO 6-FIGURES NETPRENEUR COACHING VAULT containing 100s of training videos, audio and pdf that will help you create your OWN 7-Pillar 6-Figure Internet business empire so that you don’t have to rely on me, or any other guru for the rest of your life.
With the comprehensive training included in the Vault, you will be able to learn and build YOUR OWN Online business over the next 8 weeks or less, including selecting how to select a profitable niche; creating your own products; getting affiliates; launching your own products for massive income; generating traffic effortlessly etc. 

  • ​Comprehensive 7 pillars To 6 Figures Training Package [Over 20 Hours Of Training [in Video, Audio and PDF]
  • ​Pillar 1. The Strategic Netpreneur Mindset
  • ​Pillar 2. Picking A Profitable Niche
  • ​Pillar 3. Creating Your own Digital Product (Course/Software)
  • ​Pillar 4. Creating Your Business Sales Funnel Mastery
  • ​Pillar 5. Launching Your Own Product For Profits
  • ​Pillar 6 Affiliate and Email marketing Mastery
  • ​Pillar 7 Traffic Generation Mastery​

Step 4 Component: Live Group Coaching & Mentorship Section of the Package

We understand that ongoing training and support as you continue to grow your Passion To Income Program online is crucial for sustainable success. So every week for 52 weeks after you have completed yourt course, you will get access to attend our Weekly Netpreneur Webinars where we deal with various issues and topics that would help you maintain your momentum and success.You will also be automatically enrolled in our Netpreneur Newsletter where we provide you daily updates, tips and resources to help you succeed and increase your sales and profits. This Newsletter also gives you special and exclusive access to some of the developments at the Netpreneur Success Academy 

  • ​Access To Private NFS Inner Circle Group On Facebook For Our Partners
  • ​Weekly Live Training On Different Aspects Of Operating A Successful Digital Business
  • ​Weekly Live Q And A Sessions Following The Live Training On Digital Business
  • ​Complimentary Review Of Your Product When Ready
  • ​Access ​Live Guest Training For Inner Circle Members

Bonus 1: The 30 Days To $3,000 Kickoff Challenge Impementation Kit [Complete Pack] Value: $997

Step By Step Blueprint Of 12 Different Businesses you Can Start In the Next 24 Hours With No Investment; No Experience And No Technical Skills
(Complete Training Package of Over 8 Hours Of Video, Audio and PDF Transcripts.)  

Bonus 4: Confessions Of The Rainmakers Series ($697 Value)

Over 18 Hours of EXCLUSIVE Interview-Based Training videos from 10 of the most successful online marketers!This amazing package includes  10 Videos Interviews, 10 Audio Series and 10 Transcripts!The Experts featured in this exhaustive interivew series are all proven masters in their niches with successful courses and products based on thier expertise, pasison and interest . In each exclusive interview, we asked these legends of the game the secret strategies they have been using to blow away their competition on the internet. You will learn invaluable lessons on how ot turn your P2I Course into a profitable and sustainable vocation!

Bonus 4: Lifetime Subscription to the Fearless Netpreneur Magazine ($497 Value)

Get Monthly Access To Advanced Market Updates; Game Changing Articles; Cool Tricks & Tips; and Insider Secrets From Top Professionals [Over 80-Pages Each Month!]
PLUS Full Access To ALL 22 Previous Editions AND Over $1,000 in Bonuses! 

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer that includes Bestselling Products worth over $50,000 To EARN as I LEARN PLUS All Marketing Materials PLUS Comprehensive training PLUS Group Coaching for a very low investment of $997 [one time] OR $397 [3-Part Payment]

Who is The NFS 4-Step Formula Program for? This is a Specially Package program for those who want to earn while they learn how to create their own online business and for those who have been struggling to find success on the internet in their business. It is also those who would like to venture into digital business without risking a huge capital investment to make it happen,  especially Internet Marketers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs ....

Get Ready-Made Products To EARN While You Learn. 

Get Complete Marketing Toolkit To Sell The Hot Products

Get Comprehensive Training To Build your Own Online Business 

Get Group Coaching And Mentoring To Grow Your Business 

The 4-Step Formula Program is for you if you want to...

Watch Some Video Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients To See How Lives Are Being Changed By The Revolutionary System....

I made more than $1,750+ in his first week of applying the 4-Step Formula System - Oliver Norton

I made money over $3,200 his first month of applying the 4-step Formula and built his own business within a few weeks.- Desmond Holmes 

I Made over $75,2300 in his very first launch after going through the 4-step-formula and ultimately creating his first software- Seun Ogundele

I made over $2,700 his first month of applying the 4-step formula to his online business despite never having made any money online before - Tim Randall

I made his first $142.50 his first 72 hours of applying the 4-Step Formula to his business - Edward Tari

I made over $6,360 within the first 43 days of applying the 4-step formula to his business - Greg Moore

Oliver Norton

This amazing program opened my eyes to make money while still learning the internet business
. The NFS 4-Step Formula program was a game changer for me. I made about $1,750 my very first month with the Netpreneur Franchise 4-Step Formula Program despite never having made more than $200 in any month, in my last one and half years online. I cant thank Dr Ope and the creators of the Netpreneur Franchise system enough.

Desmond Holmes

Edward Tari

Miami, Florida

I made my first $6,900 within my first 45 days
 of getting my own franchise ..I got my Netpreneur Franchise less than 2 months ago and I have already made over $6,900 dollars so far. This is by far the best internet marketing career decision I have ever made. What I liked most about the NFS 4-Step Formula Program is that apart from being able to make money quickly with the franchise, I was given access to an amazing collection of training tools to help me to improve my game as an internet marketer and start building a sustainable 6-figure business online in the next few months. The Coaching program attached to the whole package is pretty amazing too.

Andrew Stovall 

Lifestyle Coach

I have done $2,818.00 so far and I am still
 in my second month. Not only did Dr Ope back up his claim to help me EARN immediately, while I LEARN the fundamentals of the internet business, he went beyond by giving me a one-on-one coaching call to help me put together my internet marketing game plan for the long term. I have done about $2,800 so far and I have not even finish my second month.

John Greatman

eCommerce Entrepreneur

I made over $12,250 last month applying the Netpreneur Franchise S.Y.S.T.EM to my eCom business. Before I met Dr Ope, I was a jack-of-all-trades online and rarely making any money. Within a few weeks of getting the franchise and working with Dr Ope to apply the SYSTEM to narrow my niche and put structures in place, I grew from less than $100 a month to over $12,500 a month in a few months. John Greatman, Enugu 

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer that includes Bestselling Products worth over $50,000 To EARN as I LEARN PLUS All Marketing Materials PLUS Comprehensive training PLUS Group Coaching for a very low investment Of $997 One-Time Payment OR $397 3-Payment Plan 

Frequently Asked Questions

I look forward to working with you, walking you every step of the way and helping you to help thousands of people live a better life while you build a successful business for yourself through creating and selling profitable online courses.~ Dr Ope Banwo - Creator of 4-Step Income Formula

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer that includes Bestselling Products worth over $50,000 To EARN as I LEARN PLUS All Marketing Materials PLUS Comprehensive training PLUS Group Coaching for a very low investment Of $997 [One-Time Payment] OR $397 [3-Payment Plan] 

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