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Have You been looking for a solution to supercharge your Text, Voice and Email Marketing campaigns while also providing you with a huge income stream?



Your 3-In-1 Marketing Platform For Sending Bulk Text Messages, Bulk Voice Messages And Bulk Emails To Reach More Customers, Make More Sales And Increase Your Profits 

Dear Entrepreneur,
This the Mobinator Team, and in the next few minutes we are going to demonstrate why Motivator is the most powerful Three-In-One Mobile Marketing Platform for Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Sms and Bulk Email Marketing campaigns you have ever seen.
We will also show you some very easy ways you can use this software to add thousands of dollars each month to your income by providing marketers, entrepreneurs and business with an awesome platform for their Text messaging, Voice SMS and Email marketing campaigns

As you already know, businesses all around the world use different Mobile Marketing software to

Market, Engage, And Sell Products/Services To Prospects In Their Different Marketing Campaigns

which includes product launch campaigns, Product update campaigns, Affiliate Marketing campaigns or local business campaigns. 
There is however one major problem that affects all the businesses I just mentioned, as well as my own business, when it comes to effectively combining Text SMS, Voice SMS or Email in their marketing campaigns.
That problem is finding a reliable easy to use, one-stop software, or an affordable and reliable platform to send thousands of Text Sms, Voice SMS and Email Marketing from one place, at one time and at a reasonable price!
Everyone has to use a difference service for Text messaging campaign.
A different system for voice sms (Robo Calls) marketing… and yet a different service/software for email marketing. Not only are these different services clumsy and difficult to use, they end up costing a lot of money to everyone.

Have You Been Experiencing These Problems?

The truth is, It’s near impossible to market and sell effectively to new prospects, and even old customers, if you’re constantly having to use different ineffective portals for bulk Text messaging, Voice messaging and mass Email marketing while trying to engage your customers in a coordinated campaign to sell products/service or launch a new product line.
That is until now... For over 8 months, and behind closed doors, the Mobinator Team have been working on a way to save Marketers, Affiliates, Local Business Consultants, Local Businesses, Professionals etc., hours of wasted Time, Frustration, Stress and Money while generating more leads and more customers than ever from the mobile phones and emails!

We call this revolutionary new software,


and it’s changing the way that Marketers, Affiliates, Local Business Consultants, Local Businesses, Professionals market with bulk messaging, voice messaging and bulk email marketing to mobile phones and email addresses.

Here Is A Breakdown Of Some Of The Marketing Services That Can Be Executed With Mobinator, The 3-1 Marketing Wonder

Text Messaging Service

Text messaging, or SMS, is the most attention-grabbing, immediate, and convenient form of communication.
Text advertising has proven to be the most effective form of marketing, with an amazing 98 percent open rate and high response rates. People would sooner leave home without their wallets than their phones. 

More Reasons Why People Are Falling in Love with Mobinator

Mobinator’s mass text service is easy to use, reliable, scalable to millions of text messages, and smart enough to help you target the most relevant messages for your subscribers for maximum results.

Mobinator's powerful communications tools include Bulk texting, voice messaging via text-to-speech and via upload of audio file, bulk email messaging

Accurate targeting with Mobinator maximizes your campaign response rates and enhances your brand image too. 

Voice SMS Service – (Robo Calls)

Mobinator’s Voice SMS/ Robo Call features allows you to send out pre-recorded voice messages to any number of mobile phone numbers you want.
With Mobinator you can now send unlimited voice phone messages to your prospects and customers in one single broadcast OR you could simply enter text Message and mobinator converts it and sends it as an audio file.

Some Popular Ways To Use Voice SMS in marketing include:

Fast Voice Messaging Delivery to a Large Audience at the click of button

Schedule and send voice messages at a future date and time to 1,000s of customers and prospects at the click of button

Market to 1,000s in your own voice or use a recorded professional voice for persuasive voice marketing

With its Voice SMS functions, Mobinator ensures you can get your voice messaging campaign going inside of a few minutes and leave your competitors in the dust. 

Bulk Email Messaging

Mobinator features helps you deliver your email message, grow your business, and keeps you top of mind with customers in few easy steps.
Mobinator combines into its email messaging section the practicality of a mass email software, with the flexibility of a bulk email web service. It’s the easy and fast way to send professional newsletters, invitations, and special offers that look great on any device.  
What You can do with Mobinator Email Messaging Capability includes:

As you already know, businesses all around the world use different Mobile Marketing software to

How Does The Mobinator Make You Money As Business-In-A-Box Tool?

Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘how am I able to make money from these Mobile SMS, Voice SMS and Bulk Email messaging on my Mobile Phones or Email Marketing?’. 
‘Apart from helping me to do better effective marketing to my own clients, how can this new mobile marketing technology going to make me money with third parties?’.
‘Can I sell this product as a business opportunity to millions of companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for market their own customers with bulk sms, bulk voice sms and email?’. OF COURSE! MOBINATOR IS A TRIPPLE BUSINESS IN A BOX PLATFORM BY ITSELF!!
Not only can you use it to skyrocket your own business, you can have your own business as a reseller/agent giving access to companies to use this portal for their own business while you pocket thousands of dollars every month, or you can provide a do-it-for-you service providing text messaging, voice messaging and Email messaging to them.

Take advantage of the 3 Easy Ways 1,000s of regular people, with no previous marketing experience, and zero technical skills, have been using the...

Mobinator's Easy-To-Use Platform To Make Serious Money Over The Last 6 Months

To Break It Down For You, You Can Make Money With Mobinator In One Of 3 Solid Ways

Mobinator Income Stream 1

Use It To Rake In Money In your own marketing Campaigns, Product Launches, Affiliate Promotions
It delivers 100% of your messages on mobile sms and voice sms to your prospects and seamlessly lets you send emails to same people even as you are contacting them by phone and voice and email.
It can be used by you on mobile phones, iPad or desktop computers this software .

Mobinator Income Stream 2

Create unlimited campaigns For your Client And Charge Them For Credits And Platform Use
This will give them their individual exclusive access to set up and run their own Text, Voice and Email marketing campaigns. They get their own private access to run their campaigns.
With this option, you not only make money from providing them with a complete platform to run their campaigns, you also make money selling them bulk text, voice sms and email credits they need to send their messages!  
This will provide you with a round the clock income stream from every customer you land!

Mobinator Income Stream 3

Provide a Do-If-For-You Service For local Businesses
There are many clients who just want you to run their marketing campaigns for them. You can charge monthly fee for being their mobile marketing consultant and charge then a mark up from the cost of text Sms, Voice Sms and Email credits you acquire from Mobinator marketplace.
Tons of Mobinators have been banking thousands of dollars each month using the Mobinator as a stand-alone business in a box or an income stream to their existing local consultancy businesses.

Is This 3-In-1 Mobile Marketing Software easy to use?

The most amazing thing about the Mobinator is that it is sooo easy to use
. Let me show you how! The best way to send out Text SMS, Voice SMS or Email Marketing on Motivator is by simply logging in to your portal, queue the numbers or emails you want to reach and hit ‘send’. 
With 3 simple clicks, I’ve just sent Bulk SMS, Voice SMS and Email for my hair dresser audience. I Load, I Click and I Send. Simple! Also, if you already know your audience and target list you can do that to with 3 clicks of a button.

Here Is What Some Of Our Happy Customers Have To Say About The Mobinator Platform

Wow! I have been extremely impressed with the quality of service MOBINATOR has offered. I was introduced to it by a friend and I have never regretted purchasing this Mobile Marketing software.”

“MOBINATOR has eased the smooth running of my mobile marketing business. I must say there is none of its kind out there, especially the part where it generates my own API for reselling bulk sms units”

“I started off with the SPC portal for sending bulk SMS, but upgraded to the latest software MOBINATOR. One of the features of MOBINATOR i love most is the ability to integrate my current email campaigns to another email marketing platform” 

“Through MOBINATOR, we can now keep our members informed all the time about all the events and happenings in our club. Since using MOBINATOR, my participation rate has increased and membership applications are doubling up”.

During beta testing with over 1,000 users, many of our customer generated a hundreds of positive results with many of our testers achieving almost 96% open rates for Bulk SMS, and over 90% in Bulk Voice Messaging, and incredible open rates for their email campaigns, because of the amazing technology and capabilities built into the revolutionary Mobinator software. 

Here Is A Breakdown Of Some Of The Marketing Services That Can Be Executed With Mobinator, The 3-1 Marketing Wonder

At MOBINATOR Headquarters, we understand how important it is to keep costs low when growing your business. We provide our customers the best text messaging, Voice Sms and Email marketing platform at the best prices you can ever find for such an integrated combo package.


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