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NEW AI Software AUTOMATICALLY Creates Amazing Mobile Apps from ANY Website URL , Or Simple Q & A, in Minutes, Works on All Browsers AND Can Be Instantly Downloaded Through Social Media, Text, Email & Q Code, Without Need for Any Android or IOS App Stores!

Now ANYONE can Create Viral Progressive Web Apps That Will Work INSTANTLY on ANY Phones, Tablets, Desktops and Laptops, even when there is poor or NO INTERNET Connection! 

The Progressive Web Apps Evolution is set to make both Native Apps and Web Apps Obsolete! 

App are Installed and Shared across Browsers

Without need for an Appstore or webstore [no need for Google Play or Apple Store]

Create AMAZING Mobile Apps 

From any Website URL in minutes with zero technical skills

No Tech SkillsNeeded 

True Artificial Intelligence technology makes App creation A Simple Q and A exercise for ANYONE

Mobile website into progressive web app 

For your Visitors and customers in minutes with no coding [works with responsive websites only]

Easily Accessible 

Access Mobile Apps from Anywhere including Social Media, Text, Email, QR Code etc.      

UNLIMITED App creation with no limits 

Create as many apps for as many companies or products as you like

Apps will work on all devices 

 Independent of Internet Connectivity, internet speed or Strength

Your App is created once

Works uniformly on ALL Devices regardless of make or brand

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What Is A Progressive Web App and Why Is It the New Evolution of The Mobile and Web App Experience? 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are mobile apps that Combine the best of the Native Apps (i.e. apps you download through app stores) and Web Apps to provide amazing user experience in terms of ease of use, speed, convenience , browser compatibility, monetization and virality among many the other advantages. 
Progressive Web Apps are installable and live on the user's home screen, without the need for an Appstore. They offer an immersive full screen experience and re-engage users seamlessly with web push notifications.

Progressive Apps VS Native & Web Apps

Be in the forefront of the new app revolution. Get the simple tool to create amazing mobile apps today

Your low investment is completely covered by a 30-day money back guarantee

Now, You Too Can QUICKLY & EFFORTLESSLY Create UNLIMITED Progressive Viral Apps Any Niche, For Your Business or As A Paid Service to Others, In A Matter of Minutes, Even If You Have ZERO ANY Technical Skills

Children's Store

Health and Supplements

Household Appliances

Hobbies and Crafts

Retail Store

Fitness and Beauty

Restaurants and Stores

Pet Stores

Create Your Progressive Web Apps in ANY Niche and Instantly Share download through Social Media; Text; Emails and In-Ads without waiting for approval of any IOS or Android App Stores.

3 Simple Steps to Create, Download and Share Amazing Progressive Apps in a matter of minutes …

Even If You’ve NEVER Created A Progressive Mobile App Before!

Login to the cloud-based LiteApp Studio dashboard

...and create your highly viral Progressive by providing the URL you want to build your app from and answer very simple questions for our Artificial Intelligence PWA Builder. Entire exercise Takes less than 10 minutes !

Submit your answers on the Dashboard and wait for our revolutionary AI Builder

to create your App in a few seconds. Your apps compeltely built and ready, by the artifical intellgience engine in less than 30 seconds !

Download and instantly share your app 

with App download links on your Website, Social Media, Text, Emails OR through Ads

Then Sit back and watch your Progressive Web App Explodes your visitor engagement, Customer interaction and generates targeted traffic flow to your business and offers as the App LINKS ARE SHARED AND LAUNCHED BY USERS all over the internet.!

Proudly Introducing:

The New Revolutionary Progressive Web App Builder that empowers YOU to build amazing Mobile Apps that can be downloaded AND Launched INTANTLY by users on any User-device, without waiting for any IOS or Android Appstore submission or approval.

Watch the Demo Video to See How EASY It Is to Create, Share, Download and Launch Progressive Web Apps in Mere Minutes

Progress Web Apps Are Being Embraced By Major Companies As The New Evolution Of Mobile Apps!

Huge Companies are already switching over to the new evolution of mobile apps with incredible results

Here Are Some Amazing Case Studies From Major Companies Who Have Adopted Progressive Web Apps

With Amazing Results In Their Brand, Marketing And Sales

Forbes PWA showed dramatic results

AliExpress increased conversion rate for new users by 104% with Progressive Web Apps

Twitter Lite [Twitter PWA] has been a BIG success

Lancôme’s PWA saw amazing results

Washington Post showed dramatic results

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Creating amazing progressive web apps today with the Amazing LiteApp Studio!

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Create High Quality Videos Using Just a Keyword. 

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iGloo is not just what we are raving about, but more importantly our customers! Woohoo! 

LiteApp Studio Has Been Developedfor People Just Like YOU

There are MANY applications for this powerful artificial intelligence software,and it will be especially helpful for: 

Business People and Corporate Executives

Now you or ANY of your staff can effortlessly create gorgeous mobile Apps in a matter of minutes, and which will work on all browsers and user devices without needing permission of approval of IOS OF Android Appstore simply by just by completing a simple the Q&A on the AI-Enabled Dashboard … then watch instantly explode your brand reach and customer interaction as you share your app download links through your website, text, emails and evne Q codes. 

Mobile App Consultants and Freelancers

Everyone knows the Mobile App development game is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise for those who can develop mobile apps for millions of business all over the world begging for same. Now, you too can start raking in serious money by creating amazing Apps like a pro for unlimited clients all over the world…. even if you have zero technical skills, the AI-enabled LiteApp PWA Builder has you covered! 

Social Media Marketers

The shortcut to social traffic is shareability, engagement and virality, and now with LiteApp Studio you can get MORE than your share with a LiteApp you can create in minutes, then INSTANTLY syndicate the app links across your networks from right inside the dashboard … remember, people love to share links that provide amazing content and interaction without having to leave the social media platform!

eCommerce Marketers

LiteApp Studio is a dream come true for eCom marketers - in a market where every buyer is looking for easy of purchase and interaction with sell, your progressive app with its easy accessibility even when your customers are offline, lightning fast uploads, stress free notifications and dynamic geo-location messaging will give you the edge over competitors- the bottom line is to maximize profits you need to showcase your stores and offers MORE with a viral progressive web app that can be quickly launched and used from all browsers and user devices

Bloggers / Content Marketers

Maximize engagement to your content by quickly re-purposing your articles & blog posts by creating Progressive app in minutes … then share across your social networks for even more traffic.

Bottom Line: If You Want More Brand visibility, more Visitor and Customer engagement , and more sales for your business...

You NEED a Progressive Viral App

And LiteApp Studio Is EXACTLY the secret weapon you need to crush like a ninja... even if you have never created a mobile app before in your life!
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