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- FirstPathway Partners [USA] FREE LIVE Seminars In LAGOS & ABUJA -


Free Seminar On Everything You Need To Know About How To Obtain Green Cards In The USA For Yourself & Family With The EB-5 Investment Program

FREE Live Seminars in Lagos & Abuja!


***PLUS 1st 25 To Register Get Free Legal Consultation With Our USA Immigration Attorneys

What You Will Learn On This FREE Workshop:

The Complete Expert Overview Of The Investment-For-Green Card Process

  • ​ Expert review of the entire process for an EB-5 investment Green Cards?
  • ​ What Kind Of Projects Qualifies For the Investment For Green Card Program?
  • ​ The special benefits and advantages for you and your family members with the EB-5 Investment Green Card Option 
  • ​ The typical timelines for completing EB5 projects and exiting your investments with your profits 
  • ​ The Dos and Donts Of the EB5 Investment program you must watch out for to avoid problems and delays

The Legal Requirements For Speedy Approval Of Your Green-card

  • ​ The Complete Step By Step Legal Process For Getting Green Cards through investment
  • ​ How To Legally Document Source Of Funds For Investment To Avoid Delays
  • ​ How to qualify your spouse and children for green cards through your investment
  • ​ The Timeline For Speedily Processing the Green Card For You and Family Members with Immigration.
  • ​ Answers To All the Legal Questions You have On The Investment For USA Green Cards Program

Selecting The Safest & Best Investments For Green Cards For The Whole Family

  • ​ The best low-risk,but high quality investments, that will guarantee your green card and keep your money safe
  • ​ How and where to find the current projects to get approved for green card purposes with minimum risk
  • ​ How the EB-5 investment project is managed and the monitoring process to protect your investments
  • ​ Live Case-studies and Examples of EB-5 Projects that have been successfully completed and what you can learn from them .... and lots more!

Who Should Attend This EB-5 Visa Seminar?

Due to the nature and peculiar requirements of the EB-5 Visa program (the major requirement being you must be willing and able to invest $500,000 in the USA for a few years), not everyone can benefit from attending these special EB-5 Seminars, as opposed to a general seminar of different kinds of visas. These EB5 Investment-For-Green-Card Seminars in Lagos and Abuja are specially intended for people who may qualify for the level of investment required for the  EB5 Visa program AND People Who Advise, Assist or Consult for the people qualified OR who may find the EB-5 Green Card Program of interest to them or their families.. . Therefore, to avoid wasting your time, we request that only people who qualify in one of the following categories, or similar categories thereto, should register or attend this event:

About The Organizers And Presenters

Robert W. Kraft, Chairman

Robert W. Kraft is Chairman, President, and CEO of FirstPathway Partners (FPP), and has been active at the top executive levels of the EB-5 industry since 2006.
His firm has been  investing money on behalf of foreign citizens seeking United States permanent green card status and/or citizenship under USA EB-5 Regional Center Program.  Mr. Kraft has more than 40 years of international business experience at the Executive and Board levels, beginning with a 15yr stint at Moore Corporation (now RR Donnelley) in 1973.  Mr. Kraft is the President of IIUSA’s Board of Directors and has been an active member since 2007. 
Mr. Kraft has served on the board of many international organizations including DCI Marketing Inc, United Community Center, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) World Trade Association (WTA), and is co-Chair of the China Council. He also served on the boards of RBP Chemical Corp., the Council of Small Business Executives (MMAC), Word of Hope Ministries, University of Wisconsin China Leadership Board, and Open First LLC to mention a few

Jessica Nnaluo - Regional Director, FPP

Jessica Nnaluo has been in the EB-5 space since 2011, successfully educating, providing due diligence, and assisting over 100 EB-5 investors from India, Nigeria, Brazil, Canada, France, and across the globe. Jessica has developed great relationships with investors throughout the years by distinguishing herself as a resource for EB-5 project questions. With her wide knowledge of EB-5 and successful establishment of a Chicago Regional Center, she has a measured depth of understanding for the project selection and I-526 approval process. Jessica believes that every investor deserves an advocate each step of the way and is committed to supporting EB-5 investors in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

Jessica Melka - Marketing Manager, FPP

Jessica oversees the marketing and communications portfolio including the company website, marketing materials, international advertising, conference collateral, video productions, and press releases. Jessica brings nearly a decade of experience in corporate communications, advertising, social media, marketing strategy, and project management to the team. Jessica works closely with the Regional Teams to produce and maintain company collateral across multiple channels.
Jessica Melka received Lambda Pi Eta honors from Carroll University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Communication & Public Relations

Dr Ope Banwo, Founding Partner, Banwo & Igbokwe Law LLC

Dr. Ope Banwo, Founding Partner of Banwo & Igbokwe Law LLC based in Omaha, Nebraksa has a Ph.D. in Law, and has been an Attorney for over 32 years. Dr Ope Banwo is currently Admitted to the Attorney Bars of Nigeria (1986), New York (1997) and Fed District Court of Nebraska, USA (1997). He has practiced Immigration Law in the USA for over 27 years and helped 1,000s of foreigners from all over the world obtain their USA Green Cards and USA Citizenship in virtually every category of immigration known to USA laws.  Dr Ope is also a seasoned trainer and international speaker on immigration related matters and has trained other attorneys and immigration consultants on successfully helping their clients with the EB5 program among other USA immigration options..

FirstPathway Partners helps foreign investors become United States Citizens through the Department of Homeland Security Immigrant Investor (EB-5) program. FirstPathway Partners carefully vets projects for EB-5 suitability, risk, capital preservation and the facilitation of your Permanent Green Card


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