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Enroll In The RebrandMagz 'Done-For-You' Customization Service
 And Let Our In-House Editors & Designers Take All The Technical Work Off Your Hands By Customizing Your RebrandMagz For You, While You Sit Back And Make  All The Money.  

With The RebrandMagz DIFY Concierge Service you can now focus on building your magazine business, while Our Experienced Editors and Designers do all the customization for you!

Dear RebrandMagz Publisher,

Congratulations on securing the PLR LICENSE to Internet Millionaires Magazine that comes with all the original copies in Word and PSD files, all ready for you to customize as your own and start selling to your customers.

However, from experience we have discovered that
though it is very simple to customize this breakthrough magazine in Word or PDF Format and very easy to get the PSDs customized to your brand and taste, many marketers still fall short of doing this either due to lack of time, laziness or you just a phobia for doing anything that sounded remotely technical. 
When that happens, this beautiful magazine may end up gathering dust on the marketers computer instead of being unleashed to become a money-making machine. I know because I used to be like that.

Now... Let Us Fast Track You And Your Magazine Business with our

RebrandMagz DIFY Concierge Service

Are you one of the people that love marketing but just simply get terrified when it comes to modifying anything?
Or maybe that is not really your problem, but you are simply short on the time it will take for you to customize every area of this magazine into your own brand?In that case, you probably just want to hand over the customization work to experts who can help you do it more professionally, and in less time than it would take you to do it yourself? 
Would you like our professionals who actually put this whole magazine together to help you get it all customized ,and finished up to your taste, so you can get started making money with it immediately?
Well you are in Luck!
We understand it is in the customization stage that most people get frustrated and give up, and that is why we are giving you this unique opportunity to let us do it all for you so that your dream of owning oyur own magazines does not die on the editing and customization stage.

Here's how the RebrandMagz Do-It-For-You Concierge Service  Will Help You Customize And Personalize Your Magazines With YOUR OWN Unique Feel
, Brand And Additional Content :

1. Brand the magazine with your own Corporate logo
And Corporate Colors

2. Rename the Magazine in whatever unique name you choose so you have exclusive control of your magazine brand

3. Artfully insert your name, profile and picture as the Editor Of The Magazine

4.  Add your own unique affiliate links to the products in the magazine so you can earn direct income from sales of products in the magazine

5. Write and add 5 new fresh articles to the magazine to really make it different from the original

6. We Send everything back to you in Word and PDF formats for you to start distributing to your customers

7. Add up 5 extra Advert pages you may want to add for yourself, your business or paid adverts from your clients for more income for you.

Get Everything Done For You To Customize And Personalize Your Own Magazines Today 

For a very low one-time monthly fee,
we will essentially be saving you lots of time and money for customization of this magazine. We are basically going to do all the customization hard work for you so can get to the money-making part of this going as fast as possible. 
Our Team of Professional Writers and Graphics designers are ready to work their Butts off for You Because we really want you to succeed with the Internet Millionaires Magazine PLR package.

Get Your DIFY Customization Package Now for Before Price Goes Up!

Summary Of EVERYTHING You Get In The Monthly Concierge Plan - You Can Choose To Let Us Customize Just One Or All 4 Magazines For You  - No Contracts. Cancel Anytime

  • ​Customize 1 magazine to have a unique feel
  • ​Brand 1 magazines with your company name & logo
  • ​Rename 1 Magazine to whatever name you choose
  • ​Insert your name and picture as publisher/
  • ​Add your affiliate links to products in 1  magazine
  • ​Add Up To 4 of your custom articles / adverts  
  • ​Get everything back to you  within 5 days
  • ​Get 30% Off Regular Pricing. $97 $67 
  • ​Customize the 4 magazines to have a unique feel
  • ​Brand 4 magazines with your company name & logo
  • ​Rename 1 Magazine to whatever name you choose
  • ​Insert your name and picture as Publisher of all 4
  • ​Add your affiliate links to products in all 4 magazines
  • ​Add Up To 4 of your custom articles / adverts  
  • ​Get everything back to you  within 7 days 
  • ​Get 50% Off  All 4 Magazines $397 $147

Get this special combo deal before price goes off!

No Thanks. I am not interested in getting my customization done by you. I will manually do all customization myself

Some Frequently Asked Questions About The RebranMagz Concierge Plan

Question: How Do I submit the details Of the Customization I need done on my magazines?

Answer: We will send you a special form for you to complete and send back to us once you have completed your payment for the concierge plan. The Form will have sections for you to add all the customization details you need for us to execute for you you. You can change this each month as you please  

Question: Will your company be designing my custom logo and writing additional custom articles i may want to add to my customized magazine

Answer: No. You will have to provide any logo and articles you want us to add to the customization of your magazine. If you require help with designing new logo or writing new articles, we will be happy to refer you to several professionals we have on retainership who will do the design and write any fresh articles for you are very reasonable prices but that cost is NOT included in your concierge plan.Our Concierge plan will only work on customization of logos and add articles or adverts that you provide or that you have paid professionals to do for you. 

When Do I Get All The Customized Magazines Back?

Answer: Once we have received all the info to use for customize, our experts will customize and send all magazines back to you within 7 days of submission. NOTE: We will need you to complete the customization from as soon as possible since we cannot begin your customization until we receive the information to do it. 

Question: Can I Cancel My DIFY Service At Any Time And Is There A Money Back Guarantee On Cancellation?

Answer:  There is no contract for this service and you can cancel the Concierge Plan at any time within the month and we will immediately stop the monthly billing for the service. However, because we will be using the services of paid professionals who get paid for providing the customization service, we will NOT be able to give any refunds after the service has been billed. We will however work with you to make sure the customization is to your satisfaction and cancel your subscription at anytime if that is your wish. 


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