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Confessions Of A Guru-Wannabe 

The Shocking True Story Of How An Internet Newbie Overcame Obstacles To Build Phenomenal Online Business And How His Zero-To-Hero Story Can Help You Succeed Online Too!

This is a must read for anyone thinking of doing business on the Internet or already in it and wondering why they are not succeeding!!!  - Todd Zheng

What is Confessions Of A Guru-Wannabe?

It is NOT just another “how to” book on Online Marketing.It is NOT about a push-button opportunity to get rich overnight - Yet the real life confessions will show you how to succeed online the right way
It is NOT about faking it until you make it - these real-life confessions will show you how to have REAL SUCCESS you can brag about   

Confessions Of A Wannabe is THE SHORTCUT YOU NEED!.   

He Lost Over $100,000 In 6 Months Trying To Make Money Online As Netpreneur Before Figuring It All Out… His Story From Wannabe To Legitimate Guru and what he discovered in the process with transform your internet business!.  

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Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Learn For FREE...

  • ​The four kinds of “guru-wannabes” and what you MUST do to break out from that mentality right NOW, (it’s costing you years in time and thousands of dollars. And hey! You ain’t getting any younger.)
  • ​How to get pulled in from the “internet marketing cold”, where all you do is burn your money without making any in return.
  • ​The 5 product creation misadventures newbies undertake that keep them broke and what to do instead so you don’t waste time and money wondering where you’re getting it wrong. (Page 53)
  • ​How I learnt more in 5 days watching a product launch series than I had learnt in the previous 13 months as a Netpreneur. (When I told the product owner my observation at a recent meeting , he nodded and winked .) And yes, I will tell you what product launch it is.
  • ​The MOST IMPORTANT secret to making money online. I wish I could laser-print it in your brain . (Page 74)
  • ​Reason why LIVE internet marketing events are a MUST and most importantly, HOW to use them to break out of the losers circle. (My first LIVE event led me to my first $20,000 month online and I will teach you the RIGHT and WRONG ways to do this)
  • ​And So Much More.
  • ​The real truth about internet “fat cats” and why listening to what they are SAYING instead of finding out, and DOING, what they are ACTUALLY DOING will keep you an underachiever forever. (Just being a “goo-roo” fan boy alone will keep you broke).
  • ​The $1 product (yes one frigging dollar) that kick-started my internet marketing success. (I will tell you the product and how to get it)
  • ​The 5 Major Mistakes most internet marketers make which keep them stuck, broke and poor. If you identify and eliminate these mistakes, your success rate will shoot up like a rocket!
  • ​This 12-word sentence sums up EXACTLY you need to succeed online. Do you know what it is? Find out on Page 30.
  • ​How to stop spending your whole life behind a computer screen trying to play catch-up while still banking money every day like clockwork.
  • ​The “Scarcity Itch” – what it is, how to identify it and how to remove it from your head permanently… in order to stop being poorer than you were, when you started online
  • ​Why the saying ”In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” is true especially for internet marketers and how to create your own country (niche) of adoring ‘blind’ citizens (fans) .
  • ​Where the real money is online and why the gurus saying, “it’s in the list”, are NOT really telling you the full story.

Check Out What Others Are Saying About The Dr Ope Banwo and His Amazing Works!

Dr Ope Banwo is one of the most brilliant and amazing internet marketers I have ever met. I suggest you work with him if you want to win.  - Daven Michaels, New York Times Bestselling Author & Ceo

Dr Ope continues to amaze me with his depth of knowledge and passion to help others achieve breakthrough online without stress or spending a fortune. His explosive growth in the industry has been a delight to watch - Lonnie Robinson, Founder, Robinson Infomedia

Dr Ope Banwo is a clear trailblazer in internet marketing education. Unlike many other successful gurus, He freely shares what has worked for him and what has not. His Products are must-have -Stephen Akintayo, Ceo, GText Media Group

And That's JUST The First 139 Pages...

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What Some Of The Top Gurus Are Saying About CONFESSIONS OF A GURU-WANNABE....

Dr. Ope Banwo's book is a telling tale of the perils and triumphs of internet marketing. A must read for newbies wanting to make money online as well as seasoned professionals wanting to stake their claim on the internet. From his struggles to eventual triumph, Dr Ope has proved himself a force to be reckoned with in Digital Markeitng. Ceo, 123 Employee.comNew York Times Best Seller

If you are finally ready to succeed by first learning what NOT to do, and then taking a step by step approach to creating a solid online business...'Confessions' will point you True well as give you Tips and Techniques that will virtually guarantee you avoid the mistakes that 99.9% of all Internet Marketers fall into...If you're ready to win, and win yourself a favor and read this book. It's just that good!  Kris Whitehead, Author, Think To  

This book is one of the best, most useful books that any internet marketing newbie should read. It’s like the memories of many Internet Marketing gurus all gathered in one place. We all made the same mistakes and thanks to you Ope for coming out with absolute honesty and sharing this with others. I recommend your book to everyone who wants to get into online marketing.
Iman Aghay
Founder, Marketing Mastery Summit

You are going to love Confessions of a Guru Wannabe. It will make you laugh at times, cry at times and I am sure you will find a piece of yourself in this wonderful, fabulously written book. If you want to get back on track and take the steps necessary to be successful online, you need a dose of what Dr. Ope Banwo has to offer.
This book is so important that it is a must read for marketers just starting out and to all marketers no matter what stage of success they are.
Jane Mark, Founder/CEO, Sokule Inc

This is a must read for anyone thinking of doing business on the Internet or already in it  and wondering why they are not succeeding!!! If you are looking to save yourself from experiencing lots of pain and frustration, and spending a lot of money and time uselessly; read this book and learn from Dr. Banwo's book. It's a quick read and will give you insight into the dark side of internet marketing. Todd Tzeng
CEO, Arilex

Ope, this is a fantastic journey you have shared with us, and … I think you have identified why so many up and coming internet marketers get stuck buying, not selling their products and services, and the mindset change is crucial to the transformation. This is a great book for people coming into the internet marketing space …to help them avoid wasting their money as many have before us.Willie Crawford,  Super JV Coach/Mentor

Check Out What How This Book Is Already Helping Many Of Dr Ope Banwo's Students And Many Others Across The World...

EDWARD TARIInfo Marketer, Kingston, Jamaica

I just love how Dr Ope's book frankly talks about dark the underbelly of internet marketing and honestly shared how he got sucked in, like many of us, until he realized that he needed a business plan in order to stop going around in circles. 'Confessions' was a very impactful book in turning around my internet business

Top Level Freelancer

Before I heard of Dr Ope, I was very frustrated trying to make a living as freelancer before someone gave me a copy of Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe. The book showed me the real secrets of gurus that I have been applying to get clients round the clock as a freelancer

DAVID DADAFounder, Digispace Radio
Ceo, Cherrybrooks Media

Dr Ope Banwo' Confessions Of An Guru Wannabe and African Internet Manifesto were the 2 books directly responsible for my explosive growth as an internet marketer. Now my internet business formed after I read the books now has clients all over the world with offices in 2 countries

Chicago, Illinois. USA

I was ready to give up on using the internet to recruit distributors for my business until I got a copy of the Confessions Of A Guru Wannabe by Dr Ope and that changed everything for me. I learnt the secrets for online success and applied it to rapidly grow my business within weeks.

Greg Robertson Freelance Sales Video Creator

I am extremely grateful for this book. It completely changed the way I look at my freelancing and internet marketing business. I could see a lot of the mistakes I was making in the confessions and how to fix them quickly. Thank you Dr. Ope for your honesty, integrity and frank discussions.  

DANIEL CHINAGOZI Special Assistant,
Governor Of Abia State, Nigeria

Dr Ope and his amazing book finally helped me understand what I was doing wrong for so many years on the internet. I used the principles I learnt from the book to turn around my internet business and now I am an Internet Business Consultant to the Governor of my state

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