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Take Your Churchio Agency To A Whole New Level By Signing Up For This Masterclass Training That Will Make You Hit 6-Figures Easily As A Consultant To Churches, Missions And Christian Organizations.


Churchio Agency Masterclass.


This masterclass will show you step by step guide for using the internet to reach more souls, disciple Christians, And Improve Church Fellowship.

 Foundational Secrets For Effective Digital Outreach
 Digital Outreach structures
 Staffing Strategy
 Effective Digital Outreach Budgeting
 Netvangelism Tools.

With the explosion of social media and the global digital community, where more and more people continue to spend more time online, and less in physical Church buildings, coupled with the devastating effects of Covid19 on Public gatherings, it has become imperative for Pastors, Ministers, Church Workers, and All Committed Christians to learn how to use social media and the internet for soul-winning, church growth and church funding.

This training covers everything from the internet Outreach Foundational Structures you need, to the crucial Digital Outreach Pillars that must be in place for a Church to actively contend for souls online.

Here are some of the revolutionary insights you will get from this Masterclass Training if you take advantage of this one-time opportunity. 

Why Netvangelism Is So Critical To Your Ministry Now.

Why The Internet Is The Next Battle Ground For Evangelism.

Bursting The 10 Biggest Myths About Internet Churches.

Laying The Foundations For Effective Digital Outreach.

Defining Your Digital Church’s Purpose & Objectives Clearly, Then Organized Everything Around them.

Strategies For Success In Digital Outreach.

Structuring Your Ministry For Digital Outreach Success.

DIGITAL OUTREACH STRUCTURE CASE-STUDY: The Cyber Embassy Of Christ Experience.

Staffing Your Church For Digital Outreach Success.

Budgeting For Digital Outreach Explosion In Your Church.

Programming For Digital Outreach By Your Church.

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PS: Also, before I forgot. If you purchased this and I don't fulfill everything I promised you here, then you are free to request a refund, while you keep the training you have received.

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