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BetterBack® Posture Corrector! - NO MORE Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back Pain

Features & Benefits:

  • ​Re-aligns neck, shoulders and back to ease pain and discomfort
  • ​12 Integrated magnets (400 Gauss Magnets) can help to relieve pain
  • ​Provides gentle support for your back to correct the harmful posture
  • ​Improve blood circulation, enhance body metabolism, increase body immunity. It helps relieve the back pain and lumbar pain

Is your posture contributing to pain throughout your entire body?Correct it with this support and the power of magnets!

Introducing... BetterBack® Posture Corrector!

Made from stretchy neoprene fabric with a comfortable cotton lining, this support wraps around your middle and up over your shoulders. It straightens your back and pulls your shoulders up to ensure your whole body is aligned correctly. This helps to relax tired muscles and retrain your body to stand and sit up properly.
Incorporated into the Posture Corrector are 12 magnets - 400 Gauss Magnets to be precise. Magnets help to increase blood flow to tissues and therefore relieve pain and boost the healing process. It is estimated that 140 million people world-wide currently use magnetic therapy and published studies demonstrate a success rate of between 75% - 95%. This posture corrector is ideal for people who want to combine correcting their posture with effective pain relief.

Customer Questions & Answers

Q: What should I measure to get a good fit?
A: You will want to measure your waist to determine the correct size.
Q: Will this also help with lower back pain?
A: This comfortable posture support features 12 magnetic energy points that help provide therapeutic relief of aches and pains.
Q: Can I wear this to school/work, under my clothes?
A: Yes. You can wear it under your clothes.

Q: Is it unisex?
A: Yes, it is.
Q: Can you adjust shoulder straps?
A: Yes, it has the adjust strap link is in the back, inside protection pad on each side.
Q: Can I use this product when I am working on my desktop computer?
A: Yes, absolutely.

100% Safe and comfortable material allows you to wear the brace at work, home, and while exercising!



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