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Enroll In The Mobimatic Concierge's 'Done-For-You' App  Service
 And Let Our In-House Experts Take All The Technical Work Off Your Hands By Building and Publishing The Apps For Your Clients, On Your Behalf, While You Keep All The Money.  

With The Mobimatic App Concierge Service you can now focus on building your business, while Our Experienced Mobile App Experts Do All The Grunt Work for you!

Dear Mobimatic Consultant,

Lets Help you build amazing Apps for you and your clients and submit to the Appstores with our Mobimatic Concierge's 'DONE FOR YOU' APP BUILDING SERVICE.
Whether you are building your App for a pet shop, a pub, or a pampering spa, we know you value your loyal customers, and we want to give you the best chance to grow your business while still having a lot of time for yourself and your family.Mobimatic Agency Pro already gives you all the tools you need to build, publish and sell Awesome Apps but this Mobimatic Concierge Service  Offers you the opportunity to tap into the Expertise of our seasoned App Designers to save you time, stress and help you deliver apps to your clients  in a Faster and cheaper cheaper way

Now... Let Us Fast Track You And Your Business

The Mobimatic Agency Concierge Plan will help you to take your business to another level, eliminate the grunt work part of being a Mobile App Consultant and give you the freedom to focus on growing your business while we do the 'dirty' work for you. You also get to increase your business profits by charging your clients whatever you like while you just pay us a fixed percentage per app we build for you. Our 24/7 ever ready expert support will act as the concierge to setup, create, and publish apps for your clients on your behalf. Our staff will basically become your staff as far as your clients are concerned. 

Here's how the Mobimatic Concierge Service  will benefit you and your clients:

Build Apps Professionally
For Your Clients On Your Behalf 

We Create Pro Mobile Apps for your clients using our specified styling and Template Layouts . We take the extra time to create Apps thats are Stunning and has great User Experience while you simply collect the money from your clients.This service includes developing the splash and banner graphics that will be required to build gorgeous apps within a very short period of time.

We Submit/Publish your App
To Android and IOS Stores

After Apps Are Created, they still need to submitted to the major App stores including Android and IOS . We handle that for your clients too on your behalf  and guarantee that your clients' Apps are Published into app stores within a short time. our professionals help you  create the kind of Apps that not only get Published on the app stores but can get Featured

We Create And Give Dashboard Access To Your Own Custom Mobimatic App Studio Dashboard 

We provide your clients' access to your App Dashboard where you can easily Edit and Manage your App and keep it Updated

So, How Much Does The Do-It-For-you Mobile App Concierge Service Cost?

Since only have a limited number of Mobile App Experts  who can deliver the highest quality of mobile apps that your clients deserve, we only offer this service on a one time payment retainer Of Only $99 per year  for the Retainership. This retainer enrolls you in our Concierge Service for one year and gives you the license to order unlimited apps from our App Building Experts for your clients at a fixed price of only $500.00 Per App.In order words, regardless of how much you bill your client, we will build and deliver the app for you with the Mobimatic App Studio for only $300  FIXED PRICE.  Typically, we charge between $799 - $3,000 PER APP for those not in our Concierge Program, with possible prices increases at any time. With the Mobimatic Concierge Service, your price for each app you ordered  is FIXED at only $300 for the enter year of your membership. [You can of course cancel at any time ]

How Do I Order The Apps For My Clients After Purchasing  My Concierge Service Pass? 

1. Your Mobile App Concierge Service Pass gives you priority access to order unlimited Mobile apps from our team of experts for your clients at at fixed rate of $300 per app.2. When you are ready to order a specific app, you contact our developers by email/live chat at support@Netpreneur360.com3. They give you an App Building questionare to complete or if you prefer to be completely hands-free, you can link them directly with your client as your 'staff' to get all the details our experts will need to build the app for the client4. You or your client are then sent a fixed invoice of only $300 per app and you will be required to make payment before work can commence on the new app5. Our developers will develop the app on behalf of your client, based on the answers received in the questionare, within 72 hours of receiving the complete responses to the questionaire. 6. App is then published to the IOS and Google App Store on your behalf, using your own custom developer account, and your clients will receive the notifications from you.

We will install to you and your client's satisfaction or give you you money back!

I don't want your money unless you're completely blown away. So... if for any reason at all, the Apps we build for you on behalf of your clients are not satisfactor, you're protected by our 30 day guarantee. 
Yup, we at Mobimatic are taking on the risk so you don't have to. That's how confident I am you're going to love this. 
If you want to to take your mobile app your business to another level with our 24/7 ever ready expert Mobile Agency Concierge Service, to help you to create, install, publish Apps for your clients,, there's only one thing left to do.

P.S. Note this offer is not a payment to build apps for you. Its an enrollment in our Mobile App Concierge Plan which guarantees you priority access to order Unlimited Mobile Apps for yourself or your clients at a fixed price of ONLY $300 per App for the entire year.


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